Week 13 Staff Picks – ATS

Games Roid Rage Ginger King Results
Last week (Year to date): 7-8-1 (35-35-1) 7-8-1 (41-29-1)  
New Orleans @ Atlanta (-3.5)  New Orleans  New Orleans  Atlanta by 10
Seattle @ Chicago (-3.5)  Chicago  Chicago  Seattle by 6
Houston (-7) @ Tennessee  Houston  Houston  Houston by 14
New England (-9) @ Miami  Miami  NE  NE by 7
Jacksonville @ Buffalo (-7)  Buffalo  Jacksonville  Buffalo by 16
Indianapolis @ Detroit (-5)  Indy  Indy  Indy by 2
Carolina (-3) @ Kansas City  KC  Carolina  KC by 6
Arizona @ NYJ (-4.5)  NYJ  Arizona  NYJ by 1
San Francisco (-8) @ St. Louis  San Fran  San Fran  STL by 3
Minnesota @ Green Bay (-9.5)  Minny  Green Bay  GB by 9
Tampa Bay @ Denver (-8)  Denver  Denver  Denver by 8
Cleveland @ Oakland (N/A)  Cleveland  Cleveland  Cleveland by 3
Cincinnati @ San Diego (PK)  Cincy  Cincy  Cincy by 7
Pittsburgh @ Baltimore (-6.5)  Baltimore  Baltimore  Pitt by 3
Philadelphia @ Dallas (-11)  Philly  Dallas  Dallas by 5
NYG (-2) @ Washington  Washington  NYG  Wash by 1
Lock & Load!
RR: Chicago (-3.5), Cincy (PK), NYJ (+4.5)
GK:  Baltimore (-6.5), NE (-9), Carolina (-3)

Tuesday Teabag, November 27 – Fireman Ed

There were a lot of things to be thankful for over the past week:  an endless supply of stuffing, pie, and football.  Who cares if you have to spend it with family members (that’s what alcohol is for), you’re still coming out on top!  Even though the week was filled with thanks, there were still a healthy supply of teabags to go around.  Receiving HMTs (honorable mention teabags) this week (the first ever) are:

  1. Ndamukung Suh for his junk kick to Matt Schaub.  The Machine saw it live and watched the replay over and over and there’s only one conclusion:  Of course it was intentional.  The Machine loves a good villain, but Suh is a straight up douche-star.  That the NFL didn’t suspend him is truly amazing.
  2. Jim Schwartz for throwing the challenge flag on a scoring play, thus nullifying the automatic review.  If you’ve ever yelled at a player for committing a dumb penalty (like say, when your defense holds on third down only for the lineman that made the tackle to head-butt the opponent) now you know why:  emotions run high, and football players are not really smart people.  Well, add coaches to that list too.  You know the rule Jim.  Sure, the rule’s asinine, but it’s still the rule.  You’re the coach…you’re supposed to be in control of your emotions, but I guess we can’t expect much from the guy involved in Handshake Gate.  Note to self, do not go hunting with Jim Schwartz (“hey Jim, did you hear that sound over there?” [BAM, BAM, BAM…walking over to bushes] “nope not a deer…just another hunter.  Umm, let’s go.”)

While both Suh and Coach Schwartz are worthy choices, this weeks’ Tuesday Teabag goes to none other than Fireman Ed, the iconic Jets fan who leads the stadium in the very tough cheer that involves spelling the word Jets AND saying it three times (you try doing that without a spotter).

Anyway, Fireman Ed has decided to retire.  That’s right, the team’s number 1 fan has quit on them.  After the Thanksgiving massacre to the Patriots, Fireman Ed deleted his twitter account (note:  anyone over the age of 50 should not have a twitter account) and announced to the world he’s done.  It’s understandable to want to quit on the Jets…it’s apparent the players have already done so.  But what’s interesting is the reason behind him hanging up the Most. Annoying. Cheer. Ever.

Fireman Ed didn’t retire because he’s upset with the team, disgusted over the product the Jets put out while charging their fans ridiculous amounts of money (how do you like ‘dem PSL fees?).  Nope, Fireman Ed quit because other Jets fans are assholes.  “The stadium has become divided because of the quarterback controversy,” bemoans Fireman Ed.  “The fact that I chose to wear a Mark Sanchez jersey this year, and that fans think I am on the payroll — which is an outright lie — have made these confrontations more frequent. Whether it’s in the stands, the bathroom or the parking lot, these confrontations are happening on a consistent basis.”

This ranks right up there with Tebow and foot-gate on the Jets freakshow meter.  How bad are things for the Jets?  Their own fans are turning on each other.  You can’t really get more toxic than that.

But come on, Fireman Ed, don’t be such a pussy!  Man up.  Did you ever come upon a burning building and say “hey guys, that fire’s a little too hot, I’m gonna sit this one out.”  Of course not.  You wanted to be the center of attention and the leader of a bunch of drunk (and apparently spelling-challenged) Long Islanders.  With great power comes great responsibility.

What’s even worse, he’s still going to show up to the games, just not as Fireman Ed.  You think the fans won’t bust your balls for that?  Also, it’s going to lead to some awkward TV shots of a despondent plain clothes Ed, sans fireman helmet and dignity.

What are the Jets going to do now (besides implode and further rot away their fanbase)?  Who’s going to lead their fans?  The Machine votes for drunk Joe Namath…now that guy knows how to party, right Suzy?

Anyway, here’s to you Fireman Ed.  A Tuesday Teabag to add to your collection of worthless acknowledgments you’ve received over the years.  Also, The Machine’s calling total bullshit on you.  Guaranteed that you’ll pull a Favre and come out of retirement by next season.

Week 12 – Sleepers

Alright, we’ll get right to it.  Here are you Week 12 Sleepers.

  1. T.Y. Hilton, WR (42%, Y!).  T.Y. has a great match up against a very giving Bills secondary.  T.Y. has quietly put together a solid rookie season thus far (30/455/4), has established good rapport with fellow rookie Andrew Luck, and should get plenty of looks in the slot today.
  2. Brandon Gibson, WR (15%, Y!).  With Danny Amendola out (again), Gibson should see plenty of targets.  St. Louis should come out of the gate throwing against Arizona.  Gibson’s coming off of a 2 TD performance last week, and is still available in 85% of leagues.  Plug him in as a solid WR3 or Flex.
  3. Colin Kaepernick, QB (33%, Y!).  Jim Harbough’s clearly not a “dance with the girl you came with” kind of guy, as he just dumped Alex Smith in favor of the younger, hotter Kaepernick.  Can’t blame you there, coach.  Colin should explode vs. the porous Saints secondary.  Also, look for him to get some bonus points as a dual threat QB via the run (yes, we’re calling a rushing TD).  Hey, dumping Smith may backfire for the Niners, but who gives a shit.  All you care about is getting into your fantasy playoffs.
  4. Charlie Batch, QB (1%, Y!).  Look, if you’re starting Charlie Batch, your team likely has a lot of problems.  There’s a reason he’s available in 99% of leagues.  But, The Machine’s all about finding that diamond in the rough, and Charlie could be of some use today.  Sure, we thought he retired ten years ago, but that just means he’s well rested.  Playing against the Browns, he should be able to dink and dunk his way to 200 yards, plus a touch or two.  If you win with Batch as your QB, think of all the shit you can talk.

WEEK 12 Staff Picks – ATS

Games Roid Rage Ginger King Results
Last week (Year to date):
7-7 (28-27)
7-7 (34-21)
 Houston (-3) @ Detroit Houston  Houston Houston by 3
 Washington @ Dallas (-3) Dallas  Dallas Wash by 7
 New England (-7) @ NYJ NYJ  NE NE by 30
 Denver (-10.5) @ Kansas City Denver  Denver  Denver by 8
 Tennessee (-3) @ Jacksonville Tennessee  Jacksonville  Jax by 5
 Buffalo @ Indianapolis (-3) Buffalo  Indy  Indy by 7
 Oakland @ Cincinnati (-9.5) Oakland  Cincy  Cincy by 24
Minnesota @ Chicago (N/A) Chicago  Minnesota  Chicago by 18
 Pittsburgh (-1) @ Cleveland Pitt  Pitt  Cleveland by 6
 Seattle (-3) @ Miami Miami  Seattle  Miami by 3
 Atlanta @ Tampa Bay (PK) Atlanta  Atlanta  Atlanta by 1
Baltimore (-1) @ San Diego Baltimore  Baltimore  Baltimore by 3
 St. Louis @ Arizona (-1) St. Louis  Arizona  STL by 14
 San Francisco @ New Orleans (PK) San Fran  New Orleans  San Fran by 10
 Green Bay @ NYG (-2.5) Green Bay  Green Bay  NYG by 28
 Carolina (-3) @ Philadelphia Carolina  Carolina  Carolina by 8
Lock & Load…..and give thanks!  
RR: Baltimore (-1), Carolina (-3), St. Louis (+1)
GK: Denver (-10.5), Baltimore (-1), Indy (-3)

Tuesday Teabag, November 20, 2012 – Alex Smith v. Colin Kaepernick

This weeks’ Tuesday Teabag is up for grabs.  There’s currently a quarterback controversy brewing in Brokeback Mountain, as the 49ers decide between Alex “Game Manager” Smith and the young gun, Colin “Captain Hip” Kaepernick.  Who will win the starting job and (more importantly) who will win the Tuesday Teabag?  Let’s just say tensions are running high in San Francisco.  The Machine was able to get this exclusive audio (transcribed below) from Tuesday morning’s quarterback meeting.  Read on.

Put me in coach

A. Smith: [sipping bottled water] Ok Coach, just finished watching the game tape on New Orleans.  Doc’s cleared me to play, my head feels good, and I’m ready to go.  Can’t wait to get back out there.  Just one question:  how come I haven’t received the playbook yet?  I’m guessing it got misplaced.  No big deal, I can get it from you now.

**door flies open**

Hey laaaadies!

C. Kaepernick: C-Kap is in the house biotch! HOLLA! [slams Redbull] What’s poppin’ coach?! Yo, Andy, what hurt more: the head shot that knocked your silly ass out last week or losing your job this week?! You’ll be needing this [hands Alex a clipboard].

Ball so hard baby, that’s the name of the game!  70% completion percentage and 2 TDs against the best defense in the league not named the 49ers.  When is the last time you completed 70% of your passes Mr. 59% career passer rating?  The scary part is that I didn’t even run, which might be an even bigger asset than my cannon arm.  Hell, coach didn’t scale back the gameplan, in fact they expanded the playbook to include more deep balls.  You’re limited brah, plain and simple.  Let’s face it, Harbaugh inherited you when he was hired; they targeted me and traded 3 draft picks to move up and get me.  The future is now!  As in crushing the Bears, now!  As in doin’ my thang against the Saints, now!  As in leading this team to the Superbowl, now!  You had you chance last year and we know how that turned out, EPIC FAIL!

Don’t worry brah, you’ve always got that “first pick in the draft” and that “one win against the Saints” to hang your hat on.

A. Smith:  You can’t be serious?  You win one game, and all of a sudden you’re Joe Fucking Montana?  That’s adorable.  And stop talking like some skater punk…you know you were born in Milwaukee, right BRO!

What you young kids don’t appreciate is respect for the game.  The 49ers have a long and storied history of quarterback greatness.  Guess who holds the record for fewest ints in a season, most 4th quarter comebacks in a season, and most consecutive pass attempts without an interception?  ALEX SMITH!!!  And I did all that shit last year, while leading the niners to a 13-3 record and within seconds of the Superbowl.  Epic fail my ass…take that bullshit to Kyle “how the fuck is he still on this team” Williams.  I did my job.

And now it’s time for you to do your job as my backup.  And let me let you in on a little secret.  You’ll never make it in this league as a starter.  You’re a poor man’s Kordell Stewart.  So you can run, too?  Wow…that’s impressive.  But you know what you young, immature, me first, disrespectful “new school” players don’t get?  Your success is as long as your attention span.  Defenses catch up to you quicker than your inevitable child support payments.  How’s Tebow doing this year?  Or how about Cam Newton?

You’re a one hit wonder.  You’re the Macarena.  Soon people will realize you’re actually dumber than those tattoos make you look.  So take your iPod, your love of the X-games and Twitter, and step aside.

C. Kaepernick: Andy, Andy, Andy, calm down.  No need for a ‘get off my lawn’ moment, old man.  BTW, you ain’t no where near reaching your pre-concussion ‘baseline’ if you think you’re part of the 49ers “storied history of quarterbacks.”  Paaalease!  The only reason you had any kind of success last year was because Coach Harbaugh was able to squeeze every last ounce humanly possible from you.  BTW, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if the niners didn’t fuck up and draft Rodgers instead of your broke ass; or even if Coach landed that even older QB that went to Denver.

Sure, some old school loser coach like Norval would probably trot your noodle arm out there while banging on the “you can’t lose your job from an injury” drum.  But hello, our coach is a fucking maniac and doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone!  He knows this golden arm [flexs] is his meal ticket to the big dance.  The question isn’t who the starter is; the real question is on what team and whom are you going to be backing up next year?

Welcome to the Kaepernick Era!  I like the sounds of that; that will make some good ink!  Are we done here, I’ve got a Black Ops mission on pause.  Peace!!

A. Smith [doing the Macarena]:  I can’t believe I have to go through this shit again.  First, Shaun Hill tried to start a quarterback controversy in ’09.  How’s he doing this year, btw?  What UFL team is he playing for?  Then, Peyton Manning.  Now you?  And Aaron Rodgers, you mean the Aaron Rodgers I schooled in Week 1 this year (211/2/0).  Discount Double-check, bitch.  Point is, me and my newly signed $24 million contract aren’t going anywhere.  HEEEEYYY, MACARENA!!!


Well, there you have it!!  It doesn’t get anymore exclusive than that!  So how do you handicap this horse race? We’ll put this Teabag Award on hold (in a remote, secure location) until this plays itself out!  Stay tuned.

Week 11 – Sleepers

It’s hard to believe Week 11 is already upon us.  This is the home stretch as NFL teams and, as equally important, your fantasy team make a run for the playoffs.  Making the right lineup decision, waiver wire add, and final trade negotiation (trade deadlines are typically this week or next) are more critical than ever.  Like a lost soul, you’ve found your way to fantasy salvation as The Machine is here to guide you through the treturous final weeks of the regular season.

Last week in this article we pimped the likes of Jake Locker (122 pass yards, 2 pass TDs, 36 rushing yards ~ 20 fantasy points…..a rather efficient day for Jake, considering he only completed 9 passes), Scott Chandler (5/65/1 ~ 17.5 fp), Danario Alexander (5/134/1 ~ 29 fp).  On the flip side we also threw our trust behind Ryan Tannehill (217/0/3 ~2.5 fp), Taiwan Jones (2.3 fp) and Ryan Broyles (1.6 fp).  We’re not going to hit on all of these pick, obviously, but that is kind of the point.  In most instances we’re identifying guys that are still available on the waiver wire in most competitive leagues (there is a reason they are sitting on the waiver wire) and have a chance to make a difference in a spot start, bye week filler, or desperation flex play.  With that, here are a few candidates that could make the week 11 highlight reels:

1. Oakland Receivers – Poor Carson Palmer, the guy just can’t catch a break.  His NFL career is defined by a gruesome knee injury sandwiched between stints of playing quarterback for the hapless Bengals and Raiders. Palmer has been slinging it all over the field with a great deal of success.  In his last five he is averaging 328 passing yards and 2 TDs.  Part of that box score success rests on the Oaklands inability to slow any one down.  And with the Drew Brees and the surging Saints coming to town expect boatloads of points and yardage via the passing game; this is the highest over/under of the week at 55.  Brandon Myers, TE (38% Y!) has been cleared off last weeks concussion and should be ready to roll as Palmers relief valve.  Rod Streater, WR (1% Y!) might see some playing time if DHB’s hammy acts up during pre-game warm-ups.  Chances are Marcel Reece, RB (63% Y!) isn;t available in your league, but if he is pick him up and start him with confidence this week.

2. Ronnie Brown, RB (12% Y!) – Browns inclusion on this list is based soley on opportunity.  The oft-injuried, ultra unreliable Ryan Matthews is dinged up, again!  Apparenly with a stiff neck suffered in practice?!  Who knows with this guy.  What we do know is that he missed practice Thursday and Friday, but it looks like he might suit up.  Brown should at least spell Matthews more than normal and see a fair amount of work as the third down back.  Sure, it looks as though Brown is running through mud, but he could plod his way to 60 total yards and a handful of catches.

3. Nick Foles, QB (16% Y!) – Love Foles in the first start of his NFL career.  He draws the dreadfully bad Washington secondary lead by the ‘Me’-angleo Hall.  Coming in for a concussed Vick, Foles slung it around fairly well against the boys.  Really, his only bad throw got picked and taken to the house.  Welcome to the NFL kid. With capable weapons at his disposal, Andy Reids commitment to the run despite having a top 3 running back and a full week of reps under his belt, Foles should have no troubles posting top 12 QB numbers, despite a couple of turnovers.

Others to consider: Danny Woodhead, RB (47% Y!), Chris Ivory, RB (29% Y!), James Starks, RB (21% Y!), Logan Paulsen, TE (3% Y!)

WEEK 11 Staff Picks – ATS

Games Roid Rage Ginger King Results
Last week (Year to date):
3-11 (21-20)
9-5 (27-14)
Miami @ Buffalo (-2.5)  Buffalo  Buffalo Buffalo by 5
Cleveland @ Dallas (-8)  Cleveland  Dallas Dallas by 3
Jacksonville @ Houston (-15)  Jacksonville  Jacksonville Houston by 6
NYJ @ St. Louis (-3.5)  St. Louis  St. Louis NYJ by 14
Tampa Bay (-1.5) @ Carolina  Carolina  Tampa Tampa by 6
Arizona @ Atlanta (-9.5)  Atlanta  Arizona Atlanta by 4
Green Bay (-3.5) @ Detroit  GB  Green Bay GB by 4
Philadelphia @ Washington (-3.5)  Philly  Washington Washington by 25
Cincinnati (-3.5) @Kansas City  Cincy  Cincy Cincy by 22
New Orleans (-4.5) @ Oakland  New Orleans  New Orleans NO by 21
Indianapolis @ New England (-9)  Indy  Indy NE by 35
San Diego @ Denver (-7.5)  San Diego  Denver Denver by 7
Baltimore (-3.5) @ Pittsburgh  Baltimore  Baltimore Baltimore by 3
Chicago @ San Francisco (-7)  San Fran  Chicago SF by 25
Top 3 Can’t Miss Picks:  
RR: Baltimore (-3.5), New Orleans (-4.5), Green Bay (-3.5)
GK: Cincy (-3.5), Tampa (-1.5), Green Bay (-3.5)

Tuesday Teabag, November 13, 2012 – Tyrone Terrell and Ron Edwards

Wait a minute, an NBA related Tuesday Teabag?  We thought you hated the NBA, Machine?  Well, all it took was a drink and dial from David Stern to get our attention.  And when our attention’s focused, no one’s safe.

But first things first.  Who are Tyrone Terrell and Ron Edwards?  Well, Tyrone Terrell is the Chairman of the Twin Cities (that’s Minneapolis and St. Paul) African American Leadership Council, and Ron Edwards is the former head of the Minnesota Civil Rights Commission, and now host of a local TV show focusing on black issues.

Recently, both men came out and spoke against the fact that there are a lot of white guys on the Timberwolves.  However, both men did a little more than just acknowledge their ability to state the obvious.  They claim that having so many whiteys is intentional (read: racist).  “How did we get to a roster that resembles the 1955 Lakers?” Terrell said in a statement in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I think everything is a strategy. Nothing happens by happenstance.”  Chimed Edwards, “I think, personally, that was calculated.  Is this an attempt to get fans back in the stands?  Minnesota, after all, is a pretty white state.”

Holy shit.  Where do we begin?  Let’s start with Minnesota is a pretty white state.  Ok, no argument there.  The Machine’s half-Italian and we’re pretty sure that qualifies as black in Minnesota.  But the rest is just crazy.  It’s more than crazy:  it’s inflammatory and irresponsible.

So the Timberwolves have 10 (out of 15) white guys.  In other words, 33% of the roster is black, far below the league average of 78%.  Is it weird to see four white guys on the court on the same team when that team is not Princeton?  Sure, it’s weird.  But racist?  Intentionally designed to mirror the fans?  What other facts do you have to back up your claims?  Oh, nothing.  That’s not only crazy talk, but simply ignorant and, dare we say, racist itself.

First, let’s stop pretending that the front office only recruits the white.  This past offseason, the T-wolves tried to sign Jordan Hill and Nicholas Batum, both black.  Hill re-signed with the Lakers (can you blame him?) and the Trailblazer’s matched Minnesota’s offer for Batum.  Somehow, that fact was lost on both Terrell and Edwards.

Second, if we’re merely playing the percentage game, blacks make up less than 13% of the U.S. population, but shockingly Terrell and Edwards have no problem that the average NBA team is 78% black, six times more than the national average.  Shit, the Timberwolves, at 33% black, are still well above the national average.  Of course it’s not just about percentages.  It’s about winning.

Third, it’s not like the T-Wolves asked Big Country to come out of retirement, and signed John Rocker to play the 2 spot.  Their white players, Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, Andrei Kirilenko, Luke Ridnour, Nikola Pecovik (how many of those names sound Mid-western white?) are pretty good.

Fourth, lost in all this bullshit is the fact that the T-Wolves are a very diverse team.  Five of their ten whities are foreigners, double the league average.  They have players from Spain, Russia, Montenegro (sounds black), and Puerto Rico.  In fact, you can make a good argument that the T-Wolves are the most diverse team in the NBA.

But for Terrell and Edwards, it’s not enough to be diverse.  You have to be their kind of diverse.  And if you’re not, then obviously the only answer is you’re a racist.

Look, we get that being a civil rights activist in a state where there are no black people must be boring.  And are there enough black issues in Minnesota to have a TV show?  We highly doubt it, although The Machine would love to be a guest.  Hook it up!  Bottom line, before you start playing the race card, do your homework.  Because, when you don’t, and instead make bold, factually unsupported allegations of racism where clearly none exist, you sound absolutely moronic, and nothing more than a desperate and pathetic attempt to use race as a way to get attention for yourself.

Well, consider that goal achieved.  So while you’re well on your way to winning a Source Award, congrats on the only award that matters and is truly color blind.  A Tuesday Teabag.


Bottoms up!

The growlers are chilled, the mugs are frozen and The Machine is ready to live tweet the shit out of some NFL action!  Follow along…..https://twitter.com/BRSMachine

Week 10 – Sleepers

Last week at this time we gave you Cecil “Too” Shorts (the third!) who had a 3/56 (8.5 points ppr) line and then backed it up with a monster Thursday night going 6/105/1 (22.5 pts) and Joique Bell who dropped 109 yards, 3 receptions and a TD (20 pts).  Sure, we may have pimped Domenik Hixon, but how did we know that Brother Eli was suffering from “dead arm” (is that the equivalent of a pornstar suffering from limp dick?!); we thought that prognosis was exclusively reserved as an excuse for Archie’s 5 INT performance at the Annual Manning Family Thanksgiving Day Pigskin Classic!

Anyways, the point is that even our crystal ball needs some polishing from time to time.  The players listed are merely some bottom of the barrel flex-type desparation plays that have some potential upside.  Let’s scour the waiver wire, shall we:

 1. Jake Locker, QB (16% Y!) – Locker is excepted to draw the start in Miami today.  This one won’t be pretty, the Titans offense has been all over the board this year and in Locker’s brief appearance this year (Week’s 1-3) he has 4 turnovers (2 INTs, 2 FUMs).  However, the Titans do have some weapons on the offensive side of the ball (Johnson, Britt, Wright) and Locker has developed some mojo with Nate Washington.  Chances are that the Titans will be playing from behind, and thus forced to chuck the rock, as they have allowed a league leading 308 points this season (fyi – no other team as allowed 250 points yet this year….not even the Bills, Redskins or Saints!).

2. Taiwan Jones, RB (14% Y!) – Jones certainly fits the bill as a desparation play with some upside potential.  With Run DMC and Mike Goodson nursing ankle injuries, Jones is the de facto starting tailback for the black and silver.  The former 2011 4-rounder is more of an ideal change-of-pace back, and he should share the load with FB Marcel Reece, however Jones has blazing speed (why else would the Raiders draft him) and could cetainly make a dent on the stat sheet with 10-12 touches.

3. Jacquizz Rodgers, RB (36% Y!) – If there was ever a week that ‘Qizz was going to crack your starting line-up (PPR only!) it’s this week as the Falcons travel to divisional rival New Orleans for what should be a bonanza of fantasy points.  Perennial plodder Mike Turner (4.0 ypc) is firmly entrenched as the Falcons bell cow.  However, Qizz has been getting more and more involved as a change-of-pace and third down back, as evident by his 9 rec/133 yards totaled in the last two weeks.  If he can get the ball in open space against this porous defense a dirtybird dance may soon follow!

4. Emmanuel Sanders, WR (23% Y!) – Don’t be fooled by the string of 100-yard rushing games but up by Dwyer and Redman, the foundation of the Steelers offense is Big Ben and the passing game.  With Antonio Brown expected to miss this tasty match-up against the Romeo Rules Kansas City Chiefs, look for Sanders to get a few extra looks.  Heath Miller and Mike Wallace will probably gobble up any additional extra red zone and long ball opportunities respectively, Brown could post a 5/55 type of line.  You could do worse as a flex WR.

Others for consideration: Tannehill, QB (13% Y!), Chandler, TE (33% Y!), Broyles, WR (17% Y!), D. Alexander, WR (2% Y!) [That’s right, a 2% owned player! Only at The Machine!]