2014 WR Rankings

Just Win Baby!

Just Win Baby!

In case you missed it, check out our QB and RB rankings.  Next up, the divas of the NFL: Wide Receivers.  We touched on the devaluation of the running back position as offenses evolve in fast paced, up-tempo, spread attacks.  Running-backs losses are wide-receivers gains.  Reviewing Average Draft Position data from My Fantasy League, five WRs have first-round ADPs this year: MegaTron (4.73), AJ Green (9.08), DeMaryius Thomas (8.65), Dez Bryant (9.68) and Julio Jones (12.51).  All five of these guys are physically imposing athletes (side note:  they are all at least 6’2”, 207-lbs.  When in doubt, draft big, heavy WRs) whom are as important (if not more) as the running-game to their respective teams game-plan and success.

We are entering the golden age of big, physically dominating wide-receivers.  Enjoy it.  Embrace it.  If you want to draft one early, I’m on board with it.  If you want to draft two or three or four early, I won’t argue with you.  In a recent MFL10 I went WR-WR-WR-WR-RB-RB-RB with my first seven picks and I really like how this squad turned out.

Drum roll please:


2014 Rankings: Wide Receivers
Composite Player Rage Ginger
WR1 Calvin Johnson 2 1
WR2 Demaryius Thomas 1 3
WR3 A.J. Green 4 2
WR4 Dez Bryant 3 5
WR5 Brandon Marshall 6 4
WR6 Jordy Nelson 5 7
WR7 Julio Jones 7 6
WR8 Antonio Brown 9 8
WR9 Alshon Jeffery 8 10
WR10 Randall Cobb 10 9
WR11 Keenan Allen 12 11
WR12 Vincent Jackson 11 15
WR13 Andre Johnson 14 12
WR14 Michael Crabtree 13 18
WR15 Pierre Garcon 15 16
WR16 Victor Cruz 18 14
WR17 Larry Fitzgerald 17 17
WR18 Wes Welker 23 13
WR19 Torrey Smith 19 22
WR20 Roddy White 20 21
WR21 Ty Hilton 22 20
WR22 Michael Floyd 16 27
WR23 Eric Decker 21 23
WR24 Percy Harvin 26 19
WR25 Cordarrelle Patterson 25 24
WR26 Jeremy Maclin 24 26
WR27 DeSean Jackson 27 25
WR28 Mike Wallace 30 29
WR29 Kendall Wright 29 31
WR30 Terrance Williams 28 35
WR31 Rueben Randle 31 32
WR32 Julian Edelman 35 30
WR33 Marques Colston 32 37
WR34 Dwayne Bowe 33 36
WR35 Emmanuel Sanders 39 33
WR36 Reggie Wayne 45 28
WR37 Golden Tate 41 34
WR38 Riley Cooper 37 38
WR39 Cecil Shorts 38 39
WR40 DeAndre Hopkins 34 48
WR41 Brandin Cooks 36 49
WR42 Sammy Watkins 43 42
WR43 Mike Evans 47 40
WR44 Danny Amendola 48 41
WR45 Hakeem Nicks 46 43
WR46 Jordan Matthews 40 51
WR47 Anquan Boldin 49 44
WR48 Greg Jennings 42 52
WR49 Aaron Dobson 44 50
WR50 Brian Hartline 50 46
WR51 Tavon Austin 52 47
WR52 Marvin Jones 56 45
WR53 Doug Baldwin 51 53
WR54 Kelvin Benjamin 53 56
WR55 James Jones 57 55
WR56 Kenny Stills 55 60
WR57 Jarrett Boykin 54 63
WR58 Marqise Lee 61 57
WR59 Markus Wheaton 65 54
WR60 Odell Beckham Jr. 60 61
WR61 Steve Johnson 58 65
WR62 Mike Williams 59 64
WR63 Robert Woods 64 59
WR64 Justin Hunter 63 62
WR65 Steve Smith 77 58
WR66 Rod Streater 66 73
WR67 Kenbrell Thompkins 71 68
WR68 Josh Gordon 62 81
WR69 Malcom Floyd 68 75
WR70 Andre Roberts 72 72
WR71 Harry Douglas 79 66
WR72 Miles Austin 78 67
WR73 Marlon Brown 67 79
WR74 Andrew Hawkins 70 78
WR75 Brandon LaFell 76 74
WR76 Cody Latimer 69 83
WR77 Denarius Moore 84 69
WR78 Nate Washington 85 70
WR79 Dexter McCluster 90 71
WR80 Jermaine Kearse 75 86
WR81 Da’Rick Rogers 73 89
WR82 Marquess Wilson 74 88
WR83 Chris Givens 81 82
WR84 Lance Moore 88 76
WR85 Kenny Britt 87 77
WR86 Jerricho Cotchery 80 84
WR87 Nate Burleson 86 80
WR88 Sidney Rice 83 87
WR89 Stephen Hill 82 90
WR90 Jerrel Jernigan 89 85


  • All of our rankings are based upon PPR scoring, because if you’re not playing PPR than you’re not doing it right.
  • Obviously, if Josh Gordon is slapped with a 16-game ban for not being able to put down the bong for 4 minutes, than he won’t warrant making this list.  His current ranking (WR68) has an 8ish-game ban priced into it.
  • Hey, look who it is:
Johnny & Dez, what could possibly go wrong?!

Johnny & Dez, what could possibly go wrong?!

2014 RB Rankings

NFL Fantasy

After covering the NFL Golden Boys here, it’s time to move to the crux of your fantasy squad: Running Backs and Wide Receivers.

We’ll start with running backs because they need any kind of moral victory they can get.  As the NFL has morphed into a passing league, running backs have lost their luster.  As evidence, look no further than the last two drafts, where Runnings Backs are an Afterthought.  Exactly zero running backs were selected in the last two first rounds; that hadn’t happened since, like, forever.  By the time the Titans selected Bishop Sankey at pick #54, there had already been 9 WRs and 4 TEs taken.

Your name is Bishop AND you like girls? Tony Dungy All-Star!

Your name is Bishop AND you like girls? Tony Dungy All-Star!

The devaluation of running backs has made a seamless transition from reality to our fake football squads.  Sure, they still dominate the first 3 or 4 picks of most fantasy drafts, however, recently there have been manifests written to the First Round QB and ZeroRB strategy.  As there names suggest, these strategy’s buck the historic trend and advocate taking QBs, WRs (and even TE’s…hullo Jimmy Graham) in the first round in lieu of RBs.  For more ZeroRB (and even ZeroWR) strategy head over to Rotoviz, they’ve got it covered from just about every angle.

No matter how you build your fake football team, one thing hasn’t changed: properly evaluating, identifying and drafting the right running backs will lead to prolonged success.  So let’s get on with the rankings already:

Composite Player Rage Ginger
RB1 LeSean McCoy 1 1
RB2 Jamaal Charles 2 2
RB3 Adrian Peterson 4 3
RB4 Matt Forte 3 4
RB5 Eddie Lacy 5 5
RB6 Marshawn Lynch 9 6
RB7 Montee Ball 8 7
RB8 DeMarco Murray 7 10
RB9 Le’Veon Bell 6 14
RB10 Giovani Bernard 11 9
RB11 Arian Foster 15 8
RB12 Zac Stacy 10 13
RB13 Alfred Morris 13 11
RB14 Doug Martin 12 15
RB15 C.J. Spiller 16 12
RB16 Andre Ellington 14 18
RB17 Ryan Mathews 17 17
RB18 Reggie Bush 20 16
RB19 Toby Gerhart 19 22
RB20 Stevan Ridley 22 21
RB21 Rashad Jennings 25 19
RB22 Frank Gore 24 20
RB23 Trent Richardson 23 23
RB24 Bishop Sankey 18 29
RB25 Joique Bell 21 27
RB26 Steven Jackson 28 24
RB27 Shane Vereen 26 28
RB28 Ben Tate 29 31
RB29 Lamar Miller 30 30
RB30 Pierre Thomas 27 35
RB31 Danny Woodhead 37 26
RB32 Chris Johnson 31 34
RB33 Ray Rice 41 25
RB34 Maurice Jones-Drew 33 33
RB35 Darren Sproles 35 36
RB36 Fred Jackson 40 32
RB37 Terrance West 34 38
RB38 DeAngelo Williams 36 37
RB39 Darren McFadden 38 42
RB40 Jeremy Hill 32 49
RB41 Christopher Ivory 42 43
RB42 Christine Michael 48 39
RB43 Carlos Hyde 43 44
RB44 Bernard Pierce 47 41
RB45 Tre Mason 44 46
RB46 Jonathan Stewart 39 54
RB47 Donald Brown 49 45
RB48 Knowshon Moreno 56 40
RB49 David Wilson 45 51
RB50 Devonta Freeman 50 47
RB51 BenJarvus Green-Ellis 46 52
RB52 Roy Helu 55 48
RB53 Andre Brown 52 56
RB54 Shonn Greene 59 50
RB55 Khiry Robinson 51 58
RB56 James Starks 54 55
RB57 Mark Ingram 57 53
RB58 Andre Williams 53 57
RB59 LeGarrette Blount 58 60
RB60 James White 60 59


2014 QB Rankings

NFL Fantasy

Ready to dominate?

Falling asleep through another Mid-Summer Classic is a brutal reminder that it has been too long without football.  But alas my friends, Opening Kickoff is in exactly 7 weeks!!  More importantly for you, that means your fantasy draft is right around the corner!  Like always, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll start with the rulers of the NFL roost: The Quarterbacks (if for no other reason than to post an egregious Johnny Football partying picture – so many to choose from).

Composite Rank



QB1 Drew Brees 1 1
QB2 Peyton Manning 2 2
QB3 Aaron Rodgers 3 3
QB4 Matthew Stafford 4 4
QB5 Andrew Luck 5 9
QB6 Cam Newton 8 7
QB7 Tom Brady 10 6
QB8 Nick Foles 6 11
QB9 Jay Cutler 14 5
QB10 Colin Kaepernick 7 12
QB11 Matt Ryan 11 8
QB12 Robert Griffin III 9 10
QB13 Russell Wilson 13 13
QB14 Tony Romo 12 16
QB15 Philip Rivers 17 14
QB16 Ben Roethlisberger 16 15
QB17 Andy Dalton 15 17
QB18 Joe Flacco 19 19
QB19 Josh McCown 20 21
QB20 Alex Smith 22 20
QB21 Johnny Manziel 18 25
QB22 Eli Manning 25 18
QB23 Carson Palmer 21 22
QB24 Sam Bradford 23 24
QB25 Ryan Tannehill 26 23
QB26 Geno Smith 24 28
QB27 E.J. Manuel 28 26
QB28 Teddy Bridgewater 27 27
QB29 Michael Vick 29 29

A few thoughts:

  • If you can score one of the Top 3 QB’s in the fourth round, then jump all over that.  If they are gone at that point (likely), then adopt a Late Round QB strategy.  Dalton (QB17), Smith (QB20) and Palmer (QB23) are all capable of producing a top twelve performance any given week.  You could roster two or three of these types and play the weekly match-up game (don’t worry, we’ll help you with that too).
  • Ginger likes his QBs armed with veteran savvy (Cutler-5, Brady-6, Newton-7) while I tend to give the edge to young upside (Luck-5, Foles-6, Kaepernick-7).  I think Cam could be a nice value play this year; I think he is being discounted too much for his perceived loss of weapons (a 35 year old Steve Smith and a huh-hums Brandon LaFell & Ted Ginn).
  • We don’t have much faith in last years QB crop, Geno Smith (QB26) & EJ Manual (QB27), but if the light goes on for one of these guys they could make for a nice late round flier.  Keep an eye on both during the preseason.  For what it’s worth, we do like Geno’s chances of winning the “QB battle” with Mike Vick.
  • Oh right……………..

    More like Johnny Vegas

    More like Johnny Vegas

Tuesday Teabag, July 15, 2014 – LeBron James

I'm all in...for one year.

I’m all in…for one year.

Welcome back friends to a brand new Teabag, where we honor none other than the King himself, LeBron James.

Wait, what?  LeBron just announced, in a well-written, well-thought out essay, that he’s returning to Cleveland, to bring a “trophy back to Northeast Ohio.”  The prodigal son is returning home, to lift up the collective spirits of Cleveland (sidenote:  that’s a lot of depressed souls), and deliver a championship to a championship-starved City.  And he’s going back for all the right reasons…family, love for his hometown, role model for the kids.  How big of him to set aside the fact that the entire City said good riddance to him 4 years ago, and Dan Gilbert (Cavs owner) wrote this letter, calling LeBron’s decision “heartless and callous” and an act of “cowardly betrayal”.  Seriously, read the whole letter…it’s crazy.

Dan Gilbert Letter

Yes, his decision to return to Cleveland has more feel good moments than the Hallmark Channel.  So why then, are you giving LeBron a Teabag?  All of Cleveland is smiling for the first time since the premiere of the Drew Carey Show.  LeBron made his decision the right way, without the need of the Boys & Girls Club and nationally televised audience.  Because, our bullshit-dar, much like our ability to shotgun beers, is impeccable, and it’s running at high alert.  The gullible, neive, desperate, clinging for life loyal residents of Cleveland don’t know it, but they’ve just been played.

Sure, some of what he said it probably true.  He probably does love his hometown (note: if you were revered like a God in your hometown, wouldn’t you?) and truly does want to bring a championship to Cleveland.  But the story doesn’t end there.  No sir.  Let’s cut through the bullshit and get to the real reason why he went to Cleveland, and let’s see how much love he really has for his hometown.

Cleveland’s better than Miami

Granted, this is probably the only time in the history of the world where that statement wasn’t made sarcastically, but it’s true.  Cleveland’s roster (thanks to 4 years of post-LeBron tanking) is front-loaded with young talent like Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters…plus this year’s first round pick Andrew Wiggans.  Also, sharpshooter Mike Miller just jumped on the bandwagon, and rumor has it that Kevin Love may soon join.  All this sets up perfectly for LeBron.  He doesn’t have to log 40+ minutes/game.  He can properly rest his body and be ready for the playoffs.  He’s still in the East…the Cavs are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.

In Miami, the Heat have quickly turned into Florida retirees.  Ray Allen is 60 and D-Wade’s knees are 80.  LeBron would have a much heavier load to carry in Miami than with the Cavs.

Bottom line: he has a better supporting cast in Cleveland, so it makes sense to go back.  Do you honestly think LeBron would be back in Cleveland if Ramon Sessions and Alonzo Gee were still starters?  Hell no.

LeBron’s Contract Details

This is what really got us in LeBron Teabag mode.  He could have signed a 4 year max deal, worth $88 million.  Instead, he signed a 2 year deal for $42 million.  Why leave $46 million on the table?  There are true business reasons, including a higher cap and greater TV revenue starting in 2016.  This give LeBron the ability to sign a max deal in 2016, for a lot more than the current $88 million max deal.  However, for a guy that makes between $50 and $80 million a year in off-court endorsements, is he really that concerned about money?

But his contract isn’t really a two-year contract.  It’s really a one year contract, with a player option for a second year.  That’s right, LeBron can opt-out after next season and become a free agent all over again.  And if you don’t think he’ll leave Cleveland again…you’re fooling yourself.

His contract gives him the maximum flexibility.  Things don’t go well after year one?  He can bail.  No dramatic improvement in year 2?  He can bail (and finally join Melo in NYC).  If he really wanted to go all in, and show Cleveland he’s fully committed, he signs the max deal (and somehow learns to live with $88 million), or at least a true, two-year contract.  But a one year deal?  That’s not much love.

Cleveland = Titletown, USA?

“LeBron and Johnny Football in the same City?!?” exclaimed a Clevelander who, 4 years ago, burned his kid’s LeBron jersey in the driveway.  “Cleveland’s the new Titletown, USA!!!”

Ok, let’s knock this shit out right here.  Cleveland will never, ever…EVER, be confused with a winning City.  It will always smell like stale beer and regret.  This really doesn’t have anything to do with LeBron, just wanted to clear the air before the Northeast Ohio Chamber of Commerce mail bombs us all, touting their clean water and diverse economy.  In fact, don’t be fooled by their propaganda and, as a reminder of what Cleveland’s truly like, please watch our favorite Cleveland tourist videos.

To summarize:  Remember when your best friend went through that nasty breakup, it was the first time you saw him cry…he crashed on your couch for weeks, drank all your beer and vowed never to speak her name again?  And then remember when, awhile later over beers, he tells you, “hey, Becca and I are getting back together!”  You feign happiness for him…he’s happy the way a puppy that eats its own shit is happy…but you know that, sooner or later, that puppy realizes he’s eating shit (again), and your buddy realizes that Becca’s a whore (again).

If it was so obvious that going back to Cleveland was so magnanimous and altruistic, it wouldn’t take an essay to explain it.

Enjoy your teabag.