2015 NFL Mock Draft (Roid Rage’s Final)

2015 NFL Draft

Round 1 Team Pick Position
1 Buccaneers J. Winston (FSU) QB
2 Titans M. Mariota (Oregon) QB
3 Jaguars D. Fowler Jr. (Florida) EDGE
4 Raiders L. Williams (USC) DL
5 Redskins A. Cooper (Alabama) WR
6 Jets V. Beasley (Clemson) EDGE
7 Bears B. Scherff (Iowa) OL
8 Falcons A. Dupree (Kentucky) EDGE
9 Giants A. Peat (Stanford) OL
10 Rams K. White (WVU) WR
11 Vikings K. Johnson (WF) CB
12 Browns D. Parker (Louisville) WR
13 Saints A. Armstead (Oregon) DE
14 Dolphins T. Gurley (Georgia) RB
15 49ers T. Waynes (MSU) CB
16 Texans D. Green-Beckham (Mizz) WR
17 Chargers M. Gordon (Wisconsin) RB
18 Chiefs B. Jones (UConn) CB
19 Browns D. Shelton (Washington) NT
20 Eagles  J. Fisher (Oregon) OL
21 Bengals M. Peters (Washington) CB
22 Steelers R. Gregory (Nebraska) EDGE
23 Lions M. Brown (Texas) DT
24 Cardinals TJ. Clemmings (Pittsburgh) OT
25 Panthers E. Flowers (Miami) OT
26 Ravens J. Strong (ASU) WR
27 Cowboys J. Collins (LSU) CB
28 Broncos D. Randall (ASU) FS
29 Colts C. Erving (FSU) C
30 Packers E. Rowe (Utah) DB
31 Saints N. Agholor (USC) WR
32 Patriots B. Perriman (UCF) WR

Final thoughts: Buckle. Up.  The First Round of the 2015 NFL Draft is going to be a wild ride!  I can’t remember a draft with this many “wild card” prospects.  Earlier this week I mocked Shane Ray and La’el Collins at 11 and 12, respectively.  Now, given the cloud of uncertainty around each player, I have them dropping completely out of the first round.  In today’s NFL teams are putting more and more stock into the “off-the-field” behavior.  Although, talent trumps all things, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if a team in the second half of the round (Dallas, Baltimore) takes a flier.

The Raiders get the top player in the draft for the second year in a row.

Like Ginger’s Final Mock, I too have 7 WRs going in the first, and wouldn’t be surprised if another one or two sneak in.  I’ve also got 7 defensive backs in the first round, and that doesn’t include Landon Collins.

A few player/team fits that I really like (outside of the top-5) include: Arik Armstead/Saints, Byron Jones/Chiefs and Eric Flowers/Panthers.

Pour a cold one (or two….or ten) and enjoy the Draft!

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