The Big Red Sports Machine is run by two guys with above average sports IQ and a below average knowledge of how to run a website.  We are passionate about sports, beer, and chicken wings; are noticeably biased about our sports teams; and love to quasi-anonymously talk trash about others (your pain our gain).

Chances are, if you spent your formative years as we have: sneaking into dive bars, drinking beyond your limit, smoking, swearing, keg-standing, hunting, crashing motorcycles, chasing older women, dodging the authorities, chasing younger women, playing beer pong, talking sports and/or playing golf….you’ll enjoy The Big Red Sports Machine! 

Greg, aka Ginger King


When I’m not raising money for the Ginger Hall of Fame or putting on sun screen, I spend my time tailgating at the nearest sporting event.  I’ll watch anything that involves a Game 7, even you MLS (not really).

Favorite teams: New York Giants (18-1), Detroit Tigers

Turn ons:  NFL Draft, bacon wrapped anything, Coors Light

Turn offs:  Non-gingers, Canadians, Dallas Cowboys

Brian, aka Roid Rage


Motto: If it doesn’t involve running, jumping, throwing, fighting or a ball than it’s not a sport…..but that doesn’t mean we can’t bet on it!

Cheers:  Nobody circles the wagons like my Buffalo Bills!  New York Yankees.

Likes: Dick/Fart Jokes; Beef Jerkey; Homeruns

Dislikes: Ice Skating; Grammar; Tom Brady

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