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Falling asleep through another Mid-Summer Classic is a brutal reminder that it has been too long without football.  But alas my friends, Opening Kickoff is in exactly 7 weeks!!  More importantly for you, that means your fantasy draft is right around the corner!  Like always, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll start with the rulers of the NFL roost: The Quarterbacks (if for no other reason than to post an egregious Johnny Football partying picture – so many to choose from).

Composite Rank




QB1 Drew Brees 1 1
QB2 Peyton Manning 2 2
QB3 Aaron Rodgers 3 3
QB4 Matthew Stafford 4 4
QB5 Andrew Luck 5 9
QB6 Cam Newton 8 7
QB7 Tom Brady 10 6
QB8 Nick Foles 6 11
QB9 Jay Cutler 14 5
QB10 Colin Kaepernick 7 12
QB11 Matt Ryan 11 8
QB12 Robert Griffin III 9 10
QB13 Russell Wilson 13 13
QB14 Tony Romo 12 16
QB15 Philip Rivers 17 14
QB16 Ben Roethlisberger 16 15
QB17 Andy Dalton 15 17
QB18 Joe Flacco 19 19
QB19 Josh McCown 20 21
QB20 Alex Smith 22 20
QB21 Johnny Manziel 18 25
QB22 Eli Manning 25 18
QB23 Carson Palmer 21 22
QB24 Sam Bradford 23 24
QB25 Ryan Tannehill 26 23
QB26 Geno Smith 24 28
QB27 E.J. Manuel 28 26
QB28 Teddy Bridgewater 27 27
QB29 Michael Vick 29 29

A few thoughts:

  • If you can score one of the Top 3 QB’s in the fourth round, then jump all over that.  If they are gone at that point (likely), then adopt a Late Round QB strategy.  Dalton (QB17), Smith (QB20) and Palmer (QB23) are all capable of producing a top twelve performance any given week.  You could roster two or three of these types and play the weekly match-up game (don’t worry, we’ll help you with that too).
  • Ginger likes his QBs armed with veteran savvy (Cutler-5, Brady-6, Newton-7) while I tend to give the edge to young upside (Luck-5, Foles-6, Kaepernick-7).  I think Cam could be a nice value play this year; I think he is being discounted too much for his perceived loss of weapons (a 35 year old Steve Smith and a huh-hums Brandon LaFell & Ted Ginn).
  • We don’t have much faith in last years QB crop, Geno Smith (QB26) & EJ Manual (QB27), but if the light goes on for one of these guys they could make for a nice late round flier.  Keep an eye on both during the preseason.  For what it’s worth, we do like Geno’s chances of winning the “QB battle” with Mike Vick.
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