Mock Draft 3.0 (Ginger King)

Alright, alright, alright. We’re two days away from the Big Show! This is our penultimate mock (for Cowboys fans that means second to last). Let’s get to the action.

I’m pretty convinced on the Top 4 staying that way come Thursday, assuming no trades. The real movement starts at 5. The Chargers could definitely use OL help, but Nabers’ talent may be too hard to pass up. Giants “settle” with Rome Odunze. His numbers are great but he didn’t face consistently good competition (cue: east coast bias). When he finally played a big boy school (Michigan) he was absolutely man-handled and created zero separation. Elsewhere, Byron Murphy is making a late push to be the first defensive player taken.

Welcome to the first round, Michael Penix, Jr. There are some strong rumors that the Raiders are in love with Penix. Unless they find a way to trade back into the first round, if you’re that convinced he’s your guy, take him at lucky number 13.

Offensive should rule the first half to two-thirds of the draft. That means a lot of good defensive guys should be around at the end of the first. If you’re Buffalo, and someone like Jared Verse, Kool-Aid McKinstry (top 5 name), or Jer’Zhan Newton are there, would you forget about your receiver needs and draft the best player available? I think the biggest beneficiaries of the offensive-heavy draft are the Lions and the 49ers.

Two more days! I really like how this draft is shaping up. Stay tuned for our final mock, plus our fan favorite Draft Day Drinking Game!

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