2015 NFL Mock Draft (Roid Rage’s FINAL)

2015 NFL Draft

Round 1 Team Pick Position
1 Buccaneers J. Winston (FSU) QB
2 Titans M. Mariota (Oregon) QB
3 Jaguars D. Fowler Jr. (Florida) EDGE
4 Raiders L. Williams (USC) DL
5 Redskins A. Cooper (Alabama) WR
6 Jets V. Beasley (Clemson) EDGE
7 Bears B. Scherff (Iowa) OL
8 Falcons A. Dupree (Kentucky) EDGE
9 Giants A. Peat (Stanford) OL
10 Rams K. White (WVU) WR
11 Vikings K. Johnson (WF) CB
12 Browns D. Parker (Louisville) WR
13 Saints A. Armstead (Oregon) DE
14 Dolphins T. Gurley (Georgia) RB
15 49ers T. Waynes (MSU) CB
16 Texans D. Green-Beckham (Mizz) WR
17 Chargers M. Gordon (Wisconsin) RB
18 Chiefs B. Jones (UConn) CB
19 Browns D. Shelton (Washington) NT
20 Eagles  J. Fisher (Oregon) OL
21 Bengals M. Peters (Washington) CB
22 Steelers R. Gregory (Nebraska) EDGE
23 Lions M. Brown (Texas) DT
24 Cardinals TJ. Clemmings (Pittsburgh) OT
25 Panthers E. Flowers (Miami) OT
26 Ravens J. Strong (ASU) WR
27 Cowboys J. Collins (LSU) CB
28 Broncos D. Randall (ASU) FS
29 Colts C. Erving (FSU) C
30 Packers E. Rowe (Utah) DB
31 Saints N. Agholor (USC) WR
32 Patriots B. Perriman (UCF) WR

Final thoughts: Buckle. Up.  The First Round of the 2015 NFL Draft is going to be a wild ride!  I can’t remember a draft with this many “wild card” prospects.  Earlier this week I mocked Shane Ray and La’el Collins at 11 and 12, respectively.  Now, given the cloud of uncertainty around each player, I have them dropping completely out of the first round.  In today’s NFL teams are putting more and more stock into the “off-the-field” behavior.  Although, talent trumps all things, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if a team in the second half of the round (Dallas, Baltimore) takes a flier.

The Raiders get the top player in the draft for the second year in a row.

Like Ginger’s Final Mock, I too have 7 WRs going in the first, and wouldn’t be surprised if another one or two sneak in.  I’ve also got 7 defensive backs in the first round, and that doesn’t include Landon Collins.

A few player/team fits that I really like (outside of the top-5) include: Arik Armstead/Saints, Byron Jones/Chiefs and Eric Flowers/Panthers.

Pour a cold one (or two….or ten) and enjoy the Draft!

2015 NFL Mock Draft (Ginger King FINAL)

2015 NFL DraftHere it is friends, my final mock.  Enjoy.

Round 1 Team Pick Position
1 Buccaneers Jameis Winston (FSU) QB
2 Titans Marcus Mariota (Oregon) QB
3 Jaguars Dante Fowler (Florida) EDGE
4 Raiders Leonard Williams (USC) DL
5 Redskins Kevin White (WVU) WR
6 Jets Amari Cooper (Alabama) WR
7 Bears Brandon Scherff (Iowa) OL
8 Falcons Alvin Dupree (Kentucky) EDGE
9 Giants Trae Waynes (MSU) CB
10 Rams Devante Parker (Louisville) WR
11 Vikings Todd Gurley (Georgia) RB
12 Browns Danny Shelton (Washington) DT
13 Saints Vic Beasley (Clemson) EDGE
14 Dolphins Kevin Johnson (Wake Forest) CB
15 49ers Arik Armstead (Oregon) DE
16 Texans Nelson Agholor (USC) WR
17 Chargers Ereck Flowers (Miami) OL
18 Chiefs Cameron Erving (FSU) OL
19 Browns D.J. Humphries (Florida) OL
20 Eagles Jaelen Strong (ASU) WR
21 Bengals Dorial Green-Beckham (OU) WR
22 Steelers Jalen Collins (LSU) CB
23 Lions Malcolm Brown (Texas) DT
24 Cardinals Shane Ray (Missouri) EDGE
25 Panthers Andrus Peat (Stanford) OL
26 Ravens Melvin Gordon (Wisconsin) RB
27 Cowboys Marcus Peters (Washington) CB
28 Broncos Eric Kendricks (UCLA) LB
29 Colts Byron Jones (UCONN) CB
30 Packers Bernardrick McKinney (MISS ST.) LB
31 Saints Breshad Perriman (UCF) WR
32 Patriots Randy Gregory (Nebraska) DE

Final Thoughts:  Lots of risers and fallers.  Guys that were Top 10 locks a few weeks ago have fallen to the late first round (Vic Beasley, Shane Ray, Randy Gregory) and some have completely dropped out (Landon Collins, La’el Collins).  For La’el, having to leave the Draft to be questioned in the death of your pregnant ex-girlfriend means you don’t get drafted tonight.  Great value in the 2nd though.

I do think someone will make a trade with Tennessee at 2 to take Mariota.  San Diego makes a lot of sense (especially for a franchise looking to rebuild in L.A.) but Philly and Cleveland are making a real push.  Don’t count Chip Kelly out of this.

For some rises, Kevin Johnson is making a real push to be the first corner off the board.  He is flying up draft boards, and now seems like a lock in the Top 15.  Speaking of corners, the Giants surprise many and grab Trae Waynes.  Reese wants an impact player at #9, and for that reason, I think the Giants will wait to find an offensive lineman in the later rounds (here’s looking at you, Ali Marpet).

A big riser is Todd Gurley.  As teams are getting more and more comfortable with his medical checkup, he is continuing to climb up draft boards.  He makes perfect sense for the Vikings, who (assuming they don’t trade AP) can slowly bring Gurley into the mix.

Receivers should be the story of the night.  At least 5, and as many as 9, could go in the first round.  I’m right in the middle with 7.

Get ready for lots of trades and plenty of action.  We’ll be live tweeting the whole night from The Machine’s Draft Day Party.  And, don’t forget to play our Draft Party Drinking Game.  Guaranteed to enhance your Draft Day experience!

The Machine’s Draft Day Drinking Game

Cheers!Can’t make it to The Machine’s Draft Day Party?  Well, that sucks for you.  But have no fear…we got your back with our play at home game.  How can you make the Draft better, you ask in amazement?  By playing The Big Red Sports Machine’s Draft Drinking Game.  It’s fun, it’s easy, guaranteed to impress the ladies, and you can play along at home or at your favorite watering hole.  Here are the rules:

1.  Draft catchphrases.  There are certain phrases you only hear during the Draft.  Why?  We don’t know, but we love them.  For this reason alone, we give ESPN the slight lean over the NFL Network for your draft day coverage.  That, and, Kiper.  Duh, winning!

The following phrases are worth a shot of beer:

  • Raw talent
  • Off-the-field or character issues
  • Live arm
  • High motor
  • Straight line speed
  • Great Value
  • Upside
  • Best player available
  • Intangibles or Measurables
  • Trade Down
  • War Room
  • New Regime
  • Read-Option
  • Edge Rusher
  • Gets to the Second Level
  • Quick feet
  • Plays in Space
  • Chip Kelly Guy (*new for 2015)

2.  Videos/references.  Each of these are beer-finishing worthy:

  • Reference to Mel’s hair
  • Player on-stage photo-op with family/entourage of 15+
  • Reference to Cleveland Browns front office ineptitude (cough, Trent Richardson, cough, Brandon Weedon, cough, Johnny Manziel)
  • First shot of Drew Rosenhaus in his newest client’s living room
  • First player to cry when their name is called
  • Reference to when Tom Brady was drafted (we’ll also accept Brady’s Combine picture)
  • Reference to Aaron Rodgers draft day slide
  • Video of Brady Quinn in the green room
  • Video of Bill Tobin’s infamous “who the hell is Mel Kiper?” interview during the ’94 Draft

3.  On the Clock Chug.  When your team is on the clock, you have to finish a full beer before the pick is called.  Note:  if your team trades down, they’re on the clock twice, meaning that’s two full beers.  Cowboy up, it’s the Draft!

Basically, if it doesn’t look like this than you’re probably doing it wrong…..

Beer Chug

Or this:

Beer Chug 2

2015 NFL Mock Draft (Roid Rage’s 2.0)

Round 1 Team Pick Position
1 Buccaneers J. Winston (FSU) QB
2 Titans L. Williams (USC) DL
3 Jaguars V. Beasley (Clemson) EDGE
4 Raiders K. White (WVU) WR
5 Redskins M. Mariota (Oregon) QB
6 Jets D. Fowler Jr. (Florida)  EDGE
7 Bears A. Cooper (Alabama) WR
8 Falcons A. Dupree (Kentucky) EDGE

Ginger King has Mariota moving up four spots to No. 2 overall, exactly where I had him in my first mock draft.  While I still think a team (probably Cleveland) makes a move up to grab the Oregon signal-caller, the price to leap to the second spot in the draft is too risky **cough**RG3**cough.  By waiting to make a move until No.5, you leap-frog the NYJ (who probably jump all over MM), don’t have to give up as much draft capital and still get your guy.  The Redskins, for the first time since Daniel Snyder has owned the team, actually have a competent football guy (Scot McCloughan) calling the shots, so I could totally see them jumping at the chance to move down and stockpile extra draft picks.

6'5", 305 lbs., 4.97s/40

6’5″, 305 lbs., 4.97s/40

The Titans get the best player in this draft.  Leonard Williams will anchor an intriguing Titans defense, whom added Brian Orakpo, Derrick Morgan, D’Norris Searcy and DC Dick LeBeau this off-season.

Round 1 Team Pick Position
9 Giants B. Scherff (Iowa) OL
10 Rams D. Parker (Louisville) WR
11 Vikings S. Ray (Missouri) EDGE
12 Browns L. Collins (LSU) OL
13 Saints A. Armstead (Oregon) DE
14 Dolphins M. Peters (Washington) CB
15 49ers B. Jones (UConn) CB
16 Texans T. Waynes (MSU) CB

I’m sticking with Scherff to the Giants.  He is the best offensive linemen in the draft and just feels like a Tom Coughlin type of player.

This section of the draft includes some of my favorite prospects, including Parker, Armstead and Jones.  Armstead isn’t a guy that will generate a ton of sacks, but he is going to cause havoc in the run and pass and absolutely give offensive linemen all they can handle.

6'7", 292 lbs., 5.10s/40

6’7″, 292 lbs., 5.10s/40

The run on DB’s starts with the Dolphins apparently….

Round 1 Team Pick Position
17 Chargers M. Brown (Texas) DT
18 Chiefs J. Strong (ASU) WR
19 Browns R. Gregory (Nebraska) EDGE
20 Eagles A. Peat (Stanford) OL
21 Bengals D. Shelton (Washington) NT
22 Steelers L. Collins (Alabama) S
23 Lions K. Johnson (WF) CB
24 Cardinals T. Gurley (Georgia) RB

I originally had Dorial Green-Beckham to the Chiefs at 18.  I could still see that given his unique size/speed blend, but there are too many off the field concerns to risk it this early.  I have him falling out of the first round, which means he’ll be a Day 2 steal.

I don’t like Danny Shelton as many as most, but he is a mountain of a man that will considerably improve the Bengals run-defense (still a key to winning the AFC North).

6'2", 339 lbs., 5.64s/40

6’2″, 339 lbs., 5.64s/40

Round 1 Team Pick Position
25 Panthers E. Flowers (Miami) OT
26 Ravens M. Gordon (Wisconsin) RB
27 Cowboys J. Collins (LSU) CB
28 Broncos E. Harold (Virginia) LB
29 Colts C. Erving (FSU) C
30 Packers J. Fisher (Oregon) OT
31 Saints TJ. Clemmings (Pittsburgh) OT
32 Patriots E. Goldman (FSU) DT

TJ Clemmings drops down the board due to his recent negative medical checks.  The Ravens always seem to get value, and the selection of Melvin Gordon continues that trend.  Justin Forsett and Gordon would make a dynamic rushing attack for the Ravens.

Gordon makes it two RBs in the 1st.

Gordon makes it two RBs in the 1st.

2015 NFL Mock Draft (Ginger King 2.0)


It's almost time!

It’s almost time!

Round 1 Team Pick Position
1 Buccaneers Jameis Winston (FSU) QB
2 Titans Marcus Mariota (Oregon) QB
3 Jaguars Leonard Williams (USC) DL
4 Raiders Kevin White (WVU) WR
5 Redskins Dante Fowler (Florida) EDGE
6 Jets Vic Beasley (Clemson) EDGE
7 Bears Amari Cooper (Alabama) WR
8 Falcons Alvin Dupree (Kentucky) EDGE


We're convinced Marcus is going #2.  Question is: to whom?

We’re convinced Marcus is going #2. Question is: to whom?

Ok, some big changes from our Mock 1.0.  Chief among them:  Marcus jumps up to number 2.  Yeah, yeah, he doesn’t fit Ken Whisenhunt’s system.  But the Draft is all about maximizing value.  And while you can’t really trust trade rumors prior to the Draft, we do believe that the Titans will trade out of this spot.  There are several rumored teams (Philly, Cleveland, San Diego) that want to move up.  Tennessee could stockpile picks and still have a mid-first round pick.  Ginger King’s prediction:  San Diego trades up and sends Philip Rivers to Tennessee.  It makes sense for many reasons.

Round 1 Team Pick Position
9 Giants Danny Shelton (Washington) DT
10 Rams Brandon Scherff (Iowa) OL
11 Vikings Trae Waynes (MSU) CB
12 Browns La’el Collins (LSU) OL
13 Saints Shane Ray (Missouri) EDGE
14 Dolphins Devante Parker (Louisville) WR
15 49ers Arik Armstead (Oregon) DE
16 Texans Todd Gurley (Georgia) RB


An undersized DE or oversized LB?

An undersized DE or oversized LB?

The Giants switch lines this round, giving Spagnoulo some much needed muscle on the defensive line.  The Saints would love it if Shane Ray falls to them.  It’s looking more and more likely that the Texans will draft Todd Gurley.  Gurley needs to go to a team where he will not be expected to contribute a full load right away, given his knee injury.  Whatever teams takes him will likely have an aging running back on their roster and looking to start the transition.  This aptly describes the Texans, who could still rely on Arian Foster in the short term and let Gurley ease into the offense.

Round 1 Team Pick Position
17 Chargers Andrus Peat (Stanford) OL
18 Chiefs Ereck Flowers (Miami) OL
19 Browns Malcolm Brown (Texas) DT
20 Eagles Jaelen Strong (ASU) WR
21 Bengals Dorial Green-Beckham (OU) WR
22 Steelers Landon Collins (Alabama) S
23 Lions D.J. Humphries (Florida) OL
24 Cardinals Randy Gregory (Nebraska) DE


Puff, puff, give!!!

Puff, puff, give!!!

OL and WR will dominate the first round, and that will be more evident as we get into the second half of the first round.  San Diego, if it decides to hold on to this pick (and Philip Rivers) would do well to try and bolster the offensive line.   Character problems = No problems for the Cincinnati Bengals, as they take a chance on the supremely talented (yet supremely troubled) Dorial Green-Beckham.   Finally, Randy Gregory’s rapid descent should stop with the Cardinals.


Round 1 Team Pick Position
25 Panthers M. Gordon (Wisconsin) RB
26 Ravens B. Perriman (UCF) WR
27 Cowboys M. Peters (Washington) CB
28 Broncos T.J. Clemmons (Pitt) OL
29 Colts B. Jones (UCONN) CB
30 Packers E. Kendricks (UCLA) LB
31 Saints P. Dorsett (Miami) WR
32 Patriots D. Smith (OSU) WR


After two years in a row with no RB taken in the first round, Melvin Gordon becomes the second back off the board.  An argument can be made that any of these teams at the end of the first round (except maybe Green Bay) could use him, and don’t be surprised if a team like the Colts trades with Baltimore (to get ahead of the Cowboys where he’s sure to get picked).  For this round, he doesn’t make it past the Panthers.  Not one to shy away from character issues, the Cowboys go with a huge boom or bust pick in Marcus Peters.  Peters is the best corner in the draft, but he’s a walking red flag, having been kicked off the Huskies team in November.  As if that’s concern for Jerrah.   Byron Jones and his ridiculous broad jump go to the Colts.  The U makes it back to the first round, with Philip Dorsett the newest weapon for Drew Brees.  And finally, the rich get richer as the Patriots end the first round with the multi-talented Devin Smith.

12'3" broad jump = first round.

12’3″ broad jump = first round.

2015 Mock Draft (Ginger King’s 1.0)

Round 1 Pick Analysis
1. Tampa Bay BucsTampa Bay 2 Jamies Winston, QB Unless Lovie and the boys are throwing a major smokescreen, this is going to be the pick.  You may as well send the signing bonus straight to Mons Venus.
2 Tennessee TitansTennessee Titans Leonard Williams, DE Williams is being touted as the best player in the draft, and we believe it.  Tennessee seems content with Zach Mettenberg as their starting quarterback.  Apparently they weren’t paying attention when he played last year.  Anyway,
3. Jacksonville JaguarsJacksonville Jaguars

Dante Fowler, DE

The Jags continue their streak of Top 10 picks (6 years in row, btw).  Gus Bradley values speed and defense, and he’ll get both with Fowler.

4. Oakland RaidersOakland Raiders Kevin White, WR

This pick will be a receiver, the question is, which one?  Both White and Amari Cooper are neck and neck as the draft’s top wideout.  How do the Raiders settle ties?  40 times.  In that case, the edge goes to White.

5. Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins

Danny Shelton, DT

Washington has to get better up front defensively.  Despite every coach they bring in hating RGIII, the offense is not their problem…at least not their biggest problem.  Shelton’s the best tackle in the draft, drawing comparisons to Haloti Ngata.

6. New York JetsNY Jets

Marcus Mariota, QB

The Jets would love it if Mariota were still here.  It puts them in a great position to trade out of this pick, as a number of teams (Eagles, Cleveland, San Diego) are rumored to want to trade up.  They could stockpile picks or move on from the Geno Smith era and draft Mariota.

7. Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons Vic Beasley, DE

Atlanta needs to get younger and faster upfront.  They should take the best edge rusher available.  Beasley, Alvin Dupree, and Randy Gregory may all be available.  Gregory smoked himself out of the Top 10, and we give Beasley a slight edge over Dupree.

8. Chicago BearsChicago Bears

Amari Cooper, WR

Chicago would run to the podium with this pick if Cooper falls to them here.  With Brandon Marshall gone, Chicago doesn’t miss a beat by drafting this Julio Jones clone.

9. New York GiantsNY Giants

La’el Collins, OT

The smart pick is offensive line, because even with that makeshift line the Giants had last year, Eli Manning has one of his best years.  The Giants will pick the best lineman that projects as a tackle.  That’s why Collins gets the edge over Brandon Scherff.  Plus, the G-Men love LSU players.

10. St. Louis RamsSt. Louis Rams Brandon Scherff, OT

A no brainer pick.  With Jake Long gone, and Joseph Baksdale set to leave via free agency, the Rams need to reload on the offensive line.

11. Minnesota Vikings Shane Ray, DE
12. Cleveland Browns Alvin Dupree, DE
13. New Orleans Saints Randy Gregory, DE
14. Miami Dolphins Trae Waynes, CB
15. San Francisco 49ers Andrus Peat, OT
16. Houston Texans Devante Parker, WR
17. San Diego Chargers Melvin Gordon, RB
18. Kansas City Chiefs Malcom Brown, DE
19. Cleveland Browns Ereck Flowers, OT
20. Philadelphia Eagles Jaelen Strong, WR
21. Cincinnati Bengals Eddie Goldman, DE
22. Pittsburgh Steelers Landon Collins, S
23. Detroit Lions DJ Humprhries
24. Arizona Cardinals Erik Kendricks, LB
25. Carolina Panthers Todd Gurley, RB
26. Baltimore Ravens Arik Armstead, DT
27. Dallas Cowboys Jalen Collins, CB
28. Denver Broncos TJ Clemmons, OT
29. Indianapolis Colts Cameron Erving, OL
30. Green Bay Packers Byron Jones, CB
31. New Orleans Saints Dorial Green-Beckham, WR
32. New England Patriots Breshad Perriman, WR


2015 NFL Mock Draft (Roid Rage’s 1.0)

Round 1 Team Pick Position
1 Buccaneers J. Winston (FSU) QB
2 Titans M. Mariota (Oregon) QB
3 Jaguars V. Beasley (Clemson) EDGE
4 Raiders L. Williams (USC) DL
5 Redskins D. Fowler (Florida) EDGE
6 Jets K. White (UWV) WR
7 Bears A. Cooper (Alabama) WR
8 Falcons S. Ray (Missouri) EDGE

I’m not buying the Titans hitching their Franchise Wagon to Zack Mettenberger.  I also don’t care that Mariota isn’t a Ken-Whisenhunt-type QB; who says this pick is even Whiz’s to make?  The Titans either try to extort some team (I’m looking at you NY/Philly) for a ton of picks, or they simply roll with the best signal caller available.

The NFL is all about QB play on offense and getting after the QB on defense.  Three “Edge” defenders get called in the first eight picks.  Beasley’s athleticism is the tie-breaker with Fowler.

Vic Beast-ley

Vic Beast-ley

Round 1 Team Pick Position
9 Giants B. Scherff (Iowa) OL
10 Rams T. Waynes (MSU) CB
11 Vikings M. Peters (Washington) CB
12 Browns D. Shelton (Washington) DT
13 Saints L. Collins (LSU) OL
14 Dolphins R. Gregory (Nebraska) EDGE
15 49ers D. Parker (Louisville) WR
16 Texans T. Gurley (Georgia) RB

Eli Manning has gotten rag-dolled the last two years playing behind make-shift lines.  Surely going into his last contract, the Giants best chances of winning is keeping Eli upright in the pocket (and peppering ODB with 150+ targets)!

As the Saints overhaul their offensive philosophy, a potential franchise tackle falls into their laps at pick 13.  Speaking of value, DeVante Parker absolutely has the skill set to be the best wide receiver in this draft class; the 49ers have a glaring hole at WR to boot.

Round 1 Team Pick Position
17 Chargers M. Brown (Texas) DT
18 Chiefs D. Green-Beckham (OU) WR
19 Browns A. Armstead (Oregon) DE
20 Eagles A. Peat (Stanford) OL
21 Bengals A. Dupree (Kentucky) EDGE
22 Steelers L. Collins (Alabama) S
23 Lions B. Jones (UConn) CB
24 Cardinals E. Flowers (Miami) OT

Dorial Green-Beckham is the wildcard of this draft.  We all know about this ability’s both on and off the field.  I’m sure there are a number of teams that will completely take him off their draft boards.  The Chiefs take a shot on his upside and completely remake their (league worst) WR depth chart from last year.

Please don't end up in Cleveland, please don't end up in Cleveland, please...

Please don’t end up in Cleveland, please don’t end up in Cleveland, please…

Round 1 Team Pick Position
25 Panthers TJ. Clemmings (Pitt) OT
26 Ravens E. Kendricks (UCLA) LB
27 Cowboys K. Johnson (WF) CB
28 Broncos M. Gordon (Wisconsin) RB
29 Colts C. Erving (FSU) C
30 Packers J. Fisher (Oregon) OT
31 Saints S. Thompson (Washington) LB
32 Patriots E. Harold (Virginia) LB

Waiting on RBs has been en vogue in recent years.  I’m bucking that trend and Melvin Gordon makes it two running backs selected in the first round (Gurley to Houston at 16).  The Broncos are shifting to a more balanced offensive attack for two reasons: their high-flying aerial assault doesn’t work against elite defenses (see Super Bowl beatdown) and because Peyton is rapidly losing velocity on his fastball.

Virginia v Virginia Tech