And with the last pick in your draft…

2016 Rankings: Defense & Special Teams
Composite Rage Ginger
DEF1 Denver Broncos 1 2
DEF2 Seattle Seahawks 3 1
DEF3 Arizona Cardinals 2 3
DEF4 Carolina Panthers 4 5
DEF5 LA Rams 5 7
DEF6 Houston Texans 8 6
DEF7 New England Patriots 11 4
DEF8 Cincinnati Bengals 7 10
DEF9 Minnesota Vikings 6 12
DEF10 New York Jets 9 9
DEF11 Buffalo Bills 13 8
DEF12 Kansas City Chiefs 10 11
DEF13 Oakland Raiders 12 18
DEF14 Jacksonville Jaguars 14 16
DEF15 Green Bay Packers 16 14
DEF16 Pittsburgh Steelers 15 15
DEF17 New York Giants 20 13
DEF18 Baltimore Ravens 18 17
DEF19 Philadelphia Eagles 17 20
DEF20 Miami Dolphins 19 19
DEF21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21 24
DEF22 San Francisco 49ers 24 21
DEF23 Detroit Lions 22 23
DEF24 Indianapolis Colts 26 22
DEF25 Washington Redskins 23 25
DEF26 Tennessee Titans 25 26
DEF27 Atlanta Falcons 27 29
DEF28 Chicago Bears 28 28
DEF29 Cleveland Browns 30 27
DEF30 Dallas Cowboys 29 30
DEF31 San Diego Chargers 31 32
DEF32 New Orlean Saints 32 31
Winning Championships since 1966.

Winning Championships since 1966.

2016 Rankings: Kickers
Composite Rage Ginger
KR1 Stephen Gostkowski 1 1
KR2 Steven Hauschka 2 2
KR3 Justin Tucker 3 3
KR4 Dan Bailey 6 4
KR5 Mason Crosby 4 6
KR6 Graham Gano 5 7
KR7 Adam Vinatieri 9 5
KR8 Brandon McManus 7 9
KR9 Blair Walsh 8 10
KR10 Chandler Catanzaro 11 8
KR11 Josh Brown 10 11
KR12 Dan Carpenter 13 12
KR13 Matt Prater 12 13
KR14 Cairo Santos 14 14
KR15 Sebastian Janikowski 15 15
KR16 Robert Aguayo 16 16
KR17 Robbie Gould 17 17
KR18 Chris Boswell 18 18
KR19 Greg Zuerlein 19 19
KR20 Matt Bryant 20 20
KR21 Graham Gano 21 21
KR22 Mike Nugent 22 22
KR23 Nick Novak 23 23
KR24 Connor Barth 24 24


Get some!

Get some!

We’ve covered QBs and RBs so far, and now we’re onto my favorite skill group, Wide Receivers.  In PPR leagues, you can never have to many WRs.  When in doubt, draft another wideout.  In most leagues I’m looking to grab a top flight guy and then pound the WR12-WR30 range, hopefully getting 2-4 WR’s from that grouping.



2016 Rankings: Wide Receivers
Composite Rage Ginger
WR1 Antonio Brown 1 1
WR2 Odell Beckham Jr. 2 2
WR3 Julio Jones 3 3
WR4 DeAndre Hopkins 4 5
WR5 A.J. Green 6 4
WR6 Dez Bryant 5 8
WR7 Brandon Marshall 8 6
WR8 Mike Evans 9 9
WR9 Allen Robinson 7 12
WR10 Alshon Jeffery 12 10
WR11 Jordy Nelson 16 7
WR12 Keenan Allen 10 13
WR13 T.Y. Hilton 11 14
WR14 Jarvis Landry 18 11
WR15 Amari Cooper 13 18
WR16 Demaryius Thomas 17 15
WR17 Brandin Cooks 15 19
WR18 Kelvin Benjamin 20 17
WR19 Sammy Watkins 14 23
WR20 Doug Baldwin 19 24
WR21 Larry Fitzgerald 28 16
WR22 Golden Tate 23 21
WR23 Julian Edelman 25 20
WR24 Randall Cobb 24 22
WR25 Emmanual Sanders 22 26
WR26 Donte Moncrief 21 31
WR27 Eric Decker 27 27
WR28 Michael Floyd 30 25
WR29 Jeremy Maclin 29 30
WR30 Allen Hurns 26 34
WR31 Jordan Matthews 34 28
WR32 Sterling Sheppard 39 29
WR33 Kevin White 35 39
WR34 Desean Jackson 33 41
WR35 Marvin Jones 38 37
WR36 Michael Crabtree 36 40
WR37 Tyler Lockett 32 45
WR38 Devante Parker 43 35
WR39 John Brown 40 38
WR40 Tavon Austin 42 42
WR41 Josh Gordon 41 44
WR42 Stephan Diggs 31 55
WR43 Torrey Smith 44 46
WR44 Steve Smith 59 32
WR45 Brandon LaFell 58 33
WR46 Markus Wheaton 37 54
WR47 Kamar Aiken 47 48
WR48 Nelson Agholor 54 43
WR49 Phillip Dorsett 48 50
WR50 Anquan Boldin 65 36
WR51 Corey Coleman 49 52
WR52 Willie Snead 56 47
WR53 Vincent Jackson 50 53
WR54 Laquan Treadwell 55 51
WR55 Devin Funchess 45 61
WR56 Travis Benjamin 51 56
WR57 Kenny Stills 60 49
WR58 Mohamed Sanu 46 63
WR59 Sammie Coats 52 58
WR60 Michael Thomas 53 59
WR61 Breshad Perriman 61 57
WR62 Josh Docston 57 64
WR63 Kendall Wright 63 60
WR64 Nelson Agholor 62 62
WR65 Tyler Boyd 64 65



Get some!

Get some!

While the quarterback position isn’t likely to make or break your fantasy football draft (and season), selecting the right running back, at the right time, will set you up for the long grind of the season.  This year’s running back group feels deeper than recent years, likely the result of ‘specialized’ backs and the rise of the timeshare backfield.  While there are more guys that can get you points, there are fewer workhorse backs.  Those guys are easy to spot, as they are the ones toward the top of the list:

DJ Touchdown

2016 Rankings: Running Backs
Composite Rage Ginger
RB1 David Johnson 1 2
RB2 Adrian Peterson 4 1
RB3 Todd Gurley 3 3
RB4 Ezekiel Elliott 2 5
RB5 Le’Veon Bell 5 4
RB6 Lamar Miller 6 8
RB7 Jamaal Charles 7 7
RB8 Doug Martin 9 10
RB9 LeSean McCoy 8 12
RB10 Devonta Freeman 12 9
RB11 Mark Ingram 10 11
RB12 Eddie Lacy 16 6
RB13 C.J. Anderson 11 15
RB14 Thomas Rawls 13 14
RB15 Carlos Hyde 14 13
RB16 Latavius Murray 17 16
RB17 DeMarco Murray 15 20
RB18 Matt Forte 21 17
RB19 Melvin Gordon 18 21
RB20 Dion Lewis 24 19
RB21 Giovani Bernard 19 25
RB22 Duke Johnson 23 22
RB23 Danny Woodhead 31 18
RB24 T.J. Yeldon 26 23
RB25 Jeremy Langford 20 31
RB26 Jeremy Hill 25 30
RB27 Jonathan Stewart 28 28
RB28 Matt Jones 32 24
RB29 Arian Foster 22 36
RB30 Ameer Abdullah 36 26
RB31 Ryan Mathews 27 35
RB32 Rashad Jennings 33 29
RB33 Frank Gore 29 37
RB34 Darren Sproles 35 32
RB35 Chris Ivory 41 27
RB36 Shane Vereen 34 38
RB37 Justin Forsett 39 34
RB38 Jay Ajayi 44 33
RB39 Bilal Powell 37 40
RB40 Charles Sims 30 49
RB41 Theo Riddick 38 41
RB42 DeAngelo Williams 42 39
RB43 Tevin Coleman 40 42
RB44 Isaiah Crowell 47 43
RB45 Jerick McKinnon 45 45
RB46 Javorius Allen 43 50
RB47 Derrick Henry 51 44
RB48 Devontae Booker 49 48
RB49 Kenneth Dixon 52 46
RB50 Spencer Ware 48 51
RB51 DeAndre Washington 53 47
RB52 C.J. Prosise 46 55
RB53 Chris Johnson 50 53
RB54 Darren McFadden 56 52
RB55 Jordan Howard 54 54
RB56 Paul Perkins 55 58
RB57 Wendell Smallwood 57 56
RB58 James Starks 59 57
RB59 LeGarrette Blount 58 60
RB60 James White 60 59




We are going to win so big.

We are going to win so big.

The Machine has emerged from the depths of the film room, breaking only to restock the fridge and watch the occasional Olympian arm/leg/face brake.  We’re rolling out our Fantasy Football Rankings so that you can dominate your fantasy football draft (again)!  We’ll start with the gunslingers…..



2016 Rankings: Quarterbacks
  Composite Rage Ginger
QB1 Aaron Rodgers 1 1
QB2 Cam Newton 2 3
QB3 Andrew Luck 5 2
QB4 Ben Roethlisberger 4 4
QB5 Russell Wilson 3 8
QB6 Drew Brees 6 5
QB7 Eli Manning 8 6
QB8 Blake Bortles 7 9
QB9 Tom Brady 10 7
QB10 Philip Rivers 9 11
QB11 Carson Palmer 11 10
QB12 Tony Romo 12 14
QB13 Andy Dalton 14 12
QB14 Derek Carr 15 13
QB15 Tyrod Taylor 13 16
QB16 Matt Ryan 19 15
QB17 Kirk Cousins 18 17
QB18 Marcus Mariota 17 19
QB19 Ryan Fitzpatrick 16 22
QB20 Matthew Stafford 20 18
QB21 Jameis Winston 21 20
QB22 Ryan Tannehill 23 21
QB23 Alex Smith 22 24
QB24 Joe Flacco 26 23
QB25 Jay Cutler 24 25
QB26 Sam Bradford 25 26
QB27 Teddy Bridgewater 27 27
QB28 Brock Osweiler 30 28
QB29 Robert Griffin III 28 31
QB30 Blaine Gabbert 29 32
QB31 Jared Goff 32 29
QB32 Mark Sanchez 31 30

My favorite quarterback strategy in early drafts has been to target one of the 2004 NFL Draft Class QBs ***cracks open beer, pours one out for JP Losman, chugs the rest*** and pair him with a late upside, running QB (Taylor, Mariota).



Week 16 – Waiver Wire Pickups (Championship Edition)



“Merry Christmas, happy holidays” you politely mutter to people on your way in to work.  “Is Santa ready to come to your house?” asks Cheryl, in her annoyingly high pitched voice.  “I’m sure the little guy will just play with the boxes.  Ha ha ha.” says another co-worker.

Yes, you nod and move on.  You can’t be bothered by the incessant Christmas chatter.  You have more important things to focus on.  Because you have made the Fantasy Football finals.

Forget what you have done this entire year.  You may have cured cancer in April, but if you lose in the finals, this year was a failure.  Everyone’s path to the finals is different…but one thing remains clear:  no one gets to the finals without successfully navigating the waiver wire.

Guys like Charcandrick West, David Johnson and Gary Barnidge, true nobodies at the beginning of this season.  But if you frequented the Big Red Sports Machine, they weren’t no names to you.  You knew when to pick them up.  And now that you’re so close to tasting victory, now is not the time to stop.  There are still guys on the waiver wire that can help you win…especially if you’re an Odell Beckham, Jr. or TJ Yeldon owner (like me).

If you’re still reading, that means you’re in the finals.  Congratufuckinglations.  Now let’s go win that belt.

Markus Wheaton, WR Pittsburgh (37% owned in Yahoo! leagues)

Great chance to find the endzone on Sunday.

Great chance to find the endzone on Sunday.

An astounding 31% of teams in the finals have Odell Beckham, Jr.  That means a lot of people are searching to replace him and try to salvage a victory.  Look no further than Wheaton.  The knock on Wheaton is that he’s the #3 option in Pittsburgh’s offense, behind Antonio Brown and Martavius Bryant.  However, Markus has been carving out more of a role.  Over the past 4 games, Wheaton has averaged over 9 targets, and has more yards (378 to 319) and tds (3 to 1) than Bryant.  The Steelers have a great matchup against Baltimore this week.  Bryant should get plenty of opportunities to continue his solid play.

Rueben Randle, WR NYG (42%)

No Odell, no problem!

No Odell, no problem!

This one’s a no brainer.  With OBJ out, Reuben becomes the de facto #1 WR for the Giants.  Rueben has been a td dependent receiver for fantasy relevance.  He’s caught 3 tds over the past 4 weeks but has only averaged 3 catches a game over that span.  That should increase this weekend.  The Giants (somehow) still have a shot to make the playoffs, and to do so they will have to rely on Eli Manning to throw the ball.  That puts Reuben in a prime spot.

Cameron Artis-Payne, RB Carolina (30%)

This week's workhorse

This week’s workhorse

If I told you a rookie running back would bring you a fantasy championship, who would you guess:  Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, Duke Johnson?  How about the 14th running back picked in the Draft?  If you’re iffy at RB or Flex, pick up Cameron Artis-Payne right now.  He is poised to bring you a fantasy championship.  First, the Panthers have a great match up against the creampuff Falcons.  Second, and perhaps most importantly, the Panthers are 14-0.  Ron Rivera indicated he will not sit his starters, but that doesn’t mean the offense will be the same.  Translation:  Cam will play but they’re going to run the shit out of the ball.  The Machine predicts that Cam will have the fewest passing attempts all season.  There’s no way he’s going to be unnecessarily put in harm’s way.  One person Rivera will rest:  Johnathan Stewart.  That means great things for Artis-Payne, a rookie 5th round running back from Auburn.  Last week, Artis-Payne carried the ball 14 times for 59 yards, plus caught 2 passes for 34 yards.  This week will be even more.  Artis-Payne should run the ball 20+ times, and should get multiple catches as the Panthers passing offense should change to a check down mode.

Christine Michael, RB Seattle (38%)

I'm back!

I’m back!

Remember, back in August, when Michael was THE sleeper pick of the draft?  “He’ll be the number 1 running back in Dallas by Week 3.” said the d-bag in your league who religiously reads Pro Football Weekly (barf).  It’s safe to say his time in Dallas was a bust.  Total stats in Dallas over 10 weeks:  15 carries, 51 yards, 0 tds.  However, Michaels is back with Seattle, and ready to make amends.  In just his first game back with the Seahawks, Michael eclipsed all his numbers in Dallas, rushing 16 times for 84 yards.  With no Beastmode, and Fred Jackson just celebrating his 81st birthday, Michael is ready to reclaim the feature back position in Seattle.  Bryce Brown may get some touches too, but Michael will be a goal line vulture.  Look for Michael to flirt with 100 yards.

There you have it.  Another season of fantasy advice in the books.  Good luck.

Week 11 – Waiver Wire Pickups

We’re in the fantasy home stretch now.  Three more weeks until the playoffs start.  In most leagues, the trading deadline has past and, if you’re like us, you’ve burned through a good portion (if not all) of your free agency bucks.  Thus, the only way to make your team better is through the waiver wire.  And that’s why you’re here.  And that’s why we love you.

If you followed our sage quarterback advice last week, you likely won your league, as Kirk Cousins threw for a career high 4 tds, en route to a thrashing of the Saints.  Who’s going to propel you to victory this week?  Read on.

Mark Sanchez, QB Philadelphia (5% owned in Yahoo! leagues)

Wait, I have to play? I just signed to be the pretty backup.

Wait, I have to play? I just signed to be the pretty backup.

Yes, this week marks the return of a former starter that will lead his NFC East team to the playoffs.  But it’s not Tony Romo.  It’s Mark Sanchez.  Sure, he’ll always be remembered for the Butt Fumble, but we think he actually has some value this week.  Hear us out.

Never gets old

Never gets old.

Don’t let Tampa’s 6th rated total defense fool you…they rank 26th in points allowed, giving up over 26 points per game.  Philly scores nearly 24 points a game, and we actually think that Sanchez is better suited for Chip Kelly’s gimmicky, revolutionary, keep-it-in college offense.  Sanchez should easily be able to dink and dunk his way to 250 plus a score.

Keshawn Martin, WR Patriots (11%)

Next up.

Next up.

We have no idea who Keshawn Martin is (generally, our knowledge of the Patriots is limited to Spygate, Deflategate, and all other cheating scandals) but we do know this:  he plays offense for the Patriots.  This means he is a typical, Bill Belichick plug and play offensive player (see Jonas Gray, James White, Aaron Dobson).  Julien Edelman’s out?  No problem, as the Pats can just throw Martin in, who’s essentially built like an Edelman clone.  Plus, the Patriots play the Bills this week, which means that Brady will throw for about 600 yards, and we’ll get to see some awesome tailgating from self-respecting, alcoholic, passionate Buffalo Bills fans.

Martin’s got a tight hammy, so keep an eye on him.  But if he plays, we like him to be the next in a (very long) list of Patriots players that have torched the Bills.

Matt Jones, RB Washington (58%)

Good player + horrible team = decent fantasy results.

Good player + horrible team = decent fantasy results.

Jones saw has ownership skyrocket overnight, and he’s now owned in 58% of leagues.  That’s still pretty low for someone who’s established themselves as the #1 running back.  Good news is that Jones is the best offensive player on the team.  Bad news is he’s on the Redskins, so that’s not really hard to achieve.  Jones should see a heavy workload against the Panthers.  It’s not a great matchup, but Washington really has no other options.  Jones should see double digit carries, plus 5-7 catches, which increases his value in PPR leagues.

Also, the Redskins have a decent schedule down the stretch, which means Jones is in line for some quality starts.

Week 10 – Waiver Wire Pickups

Fantasy FootballAlright, no foreplay today.  Let’s get right to the action.

Cole Beasley, WR Cowboys (13% owned in Yahoo! leagues)



White slot receivers are en vogue this week, as the best one of all time was just signed by the Rams.  But you’re league probably doesn’t get points for concussions, so you should stay very far away from Wes Welker.  However, Cole Beasley is turning into a Welker clone, minus the brain injuries (for now).  Cole exploded last week, hauling in 9 passes for 112 yards and 2 scores.

Sure, he looks like a roadie for Lynyrd Skynyrd, but Cole can provide you with some value this week and down the stretch.  With Dez back, he commands a constant double team, which opens up the slot.  And, with Tony Romo coming back soon, his value will continue to increase.  The Cowboys have a great matchup against Tampa Bay this week.

Theo Riddick, RB Detroit (21%)

PPR stud.

PPR stud.

In a PPR league, Theo’s a no brainer.  He ranks #3 in receptions by a running back (and with Devonta Freeman and Danny Woodhead both on byes this week, he’ll be #1 again after tomorrow).  He’s averaging over 5 catches per game.  We like him to be above that tomorrow.  Also, his rushing attempts are on the rise, meaning Theo is being used more on 1st and 2nd downs.

Kirk Cousins, QB Washington (26%)

Operation: Start every QB that plays the Saints.

Operation: Start every QB that plays the Saints.

Why do we like Kirk Cousins this week?  It’s simple.  It’s all about the matchup.  The Redskins play the Saints this week.  Here are the stats of the last two QBs to play the Saints:

Marcus Mariota – 371 yards, 4 tds, 0 ints.

Eli Manning – 350 yards, 6 tds, 0 ints.

That’s really all you need to know.  Given the matchup, we think Kirk is a Top 10 QB this week.  That’s right.  Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

Week 8 – Waiver Wire Pickups

Fantasy FootballLast week we struck some fantasy gold and some fantasy coal.  Blake showed up and tossed 2 tds (now tied with Aaron Rodgers for 3rd overall), and Stefon Diggs looks to be the number 1 option in Minnesota, with another solid performance, going 6/108/1.  Let’s get right to this week’s top waiver wire pickups.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB Jets (36%)

Fear the Beard!

Fear the Beard!

You think Bill O’Brien wants a do over, having jettisoned Fitz-magic to the Jets in favor of Brain Hoyer and (recently released) Ryan Mallet?  Fitzpatrick has put together a consistent first half of the season…tossing a td in every game.  The Jets have a good matchup against the Raiders this week.  Fitz is a Top 10 fantasy qb this week, and should flirt with 250 and 2 tds.

Marvin Jones, WR Cincinnati (49%)

With Andy Dalton having a career year, and quickly moving up the ranks of Top Ginger Athlete (look out Shaun White) Marvin has become one of the biggest benefactors.  Yes, having a ginger around you will make you better.  With AJ Green getting constant double teams, Marvin has stepped up.  He’s coming off a bye and his last game posted a 9/95/1 performance.  The Bengals should be well rested and fired up to play the rival Steelers.  Marvin should have plenty of opportunities to reach double digit points on Sunday.

Michael Floyd, WR Arizona (49%)

Top 1-2 duo?

Top 1-2 duo?

Floyd is coming off of back to back td performances, and has established himself as a reliable fantasy option.  He’s not going to run past anyone, but he’s established himself in the Anquan Boldin role.  Solid possession receiver, and the Cards top redzone option.  Arizona has a great matchup against Cleveland this weekend.  Look for Floyd to continue his td streak.

Eric Ebron, TE Detroit (49%)

Ebron has quietly put together an impressive first half, and starting to live up to his first round draft pick status.  It’s surprising he’s only owned in 49% of leagues.  He’s tied (with Greg Olsen) for 5th in tds by tight ends, and has scored more than Jimmy Graham a.  His problem is he doesn’t get much yards per game, but he get a lot of redzone looks.  Stafford has had a bit of a resurgence the past couple weeks, and Ebron should get some looks this weekend against the struggling Chiefs.

Week 7 – Waiver Wire Pickups

Are you ready?!?

We’re at the halfway point for most fantasy leagues.  We were a mixed bag last week.  C-Kaep had the breakout game we expected, throwing for 340 yards, 2 tds, and 0 ints.  Reuben also turned in a respectable performance, catching 5 of 6 targets for 44 yards.  With some big names coming off the injury list soon (Big Ben, Dez, Romo) the waiver wire is still an important place to round out your squad.  Let’s take a look at our top picks for the week.

Blake Bortles, QB Jags (67% owned in Yahoo! leagues)

Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal now.

Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal now.

When we started writing this post last night, Blake was owned in only 43% of leagues (thus meeting our 50% ownership rule).  Overnight, much like the Google image searches for his girlfriend, interest in Blake skyrocketed.  And for good reason.

Blake is the 6th highest fantasy scoring QB in the league, ahead of guys like Cam Newton, Peyton Manning, and Russell Wilson.  He ranks 5th in TDs, 6th in rushing yards, and 7th in passing yards.  He is a top 5 QB this week, playing across the pond against the Bills.  The Bills used to have a good defense, way back in Week 1, but recently they have (much like Rex) been exposed as frauds, giving up big games to Andy Dalton and Eli Manning.  Look for Blake to continue that success.

Blake is a legitimate starting QB for the rest of the season.  FWIT, Blake started his hot streak in Week 3, when he was only owned in 11% of leagues.  What could have jumped started his career, you ask?  Probably this.

Stefon Diggs, WR Minnesota (58%)

Stefon DiggsDammit.  If only we were more motivated to finish this while watching the Royal/Blue Jays game last night.  Stefon was owned in only 2% of leagues last night.  He took a meteoric rise overnight and is now up to 58%.

You may ask yourself, who is Stefon Diggs?  Well, if you’re draft nerds like us, you’d know he’s a rookie 5th round pick out of Maryland.  We thought he could’ve gone as early as the third round, so the Vikings really got a steal.  And now he’s starting to prove us right.  Over the last two games, he’s become Teddy Bridgewater’s favorite target, average 9.5 targets per game.  We expect a shoot-out on both sides against the Lions this week, and Stefon is in a good position to continue his stellar performance.  We like him as a WR3/Flex.

Theo Riddick, RB Detroit (29%)

PPR stud.

PPR stud.

For the reasons we like Stefon, we also like Theo.  The Lions/Vikings game is going to be pass early and often.  We expect 80 passes total.  That benefits Theo, who surprisingly leads all RBs in receptions.  He’s a low end RB2 but makes for a great Flex play, especially in PPR leagues.

Nick Foles, QB St. Louis (10%)

If you're desperate, Nick can help you out (for one week only).

If you’re desperate, Nick can help you out (for one week only).

With Andy Dalton, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers on byes this week, and assuming Blake is not around, you may be in a pinch for a quarterback.  With names like Jameis Winston, Kirk Cousins, Teddy Bridgewater, and Nick Foles likely available, how do you know who to pick up?  Of those QBs, our money is on Foles this week.  But wait, isn’t Nick coming off a wretched 141 yards, 4 interception performance?  Well, yes, but that was on the road against Green Bay.  Foles has been solid at home this year, averaging nearly 250 yards.  We think he’ll hit that number at home against Cleveland tomorrow.

Week 6 – Waiver Wire Pickups

Fantasy Football IntroWelcome back for another exiting week of fantasy football.  If you listened to us in our RB heavy waiver wire last week…well, you’re welcome, as all three of our picks had banner weeks.  Thomas Rawls propelled us to victory last week, and all because we recommended him.  How about our boy Gary Barnidge?  A no name last week, owned in fewer than half of all leagues, we give him one shout out, now he’s owned in 76% of leagues, is a legitimate Top 10 TE, and is second only to Drew Carrey in popularity in Cleveland.  Like you needed more proof of The Machine’s bedroom fantasy prowess.  So let’s get right to the action.

This week, the waiver wire prize was Charcandrick West, as Jamaal Charles is out for the season.  Unless you had a ton of waiver wire bucks, you likely lost out on picking him up.  So let’s look at some people who may still be available.


Reuben Randle, WR Giants (47%)

Should see first receiver targets Monday night.

Should see first receiver targets Monday night.

Reuben has gotten over his early season yips and is starting to put together some consistent output.  Over the past 3 weeks, he’s caught 2 tds and has averaged 5 catches for 63 yards.  With Odell Beckham’s status uncertain for Monday Night, Reuben stands to see increased targets.  Even if ODB plays, he’s going to be limited.  Reuben’s had some monster games against Philly, including a 6 catch, 158 yard performance last December, and that was with a healthy Odell Beckham.  Look for (dreamboat) Eli Manning to find Reuben early and often.  He is a high upside WR2.

Richard Rodgers, TE Green Bay (48%)

Aaron Rodgers' newest weapon

Aaron Rodgers’ newest weapon

Rodgers has seen his targets increase each game, with a season high 8 last week which he converted into 6 catches for 45 yards.  Again, what you’re looking for is someone who won’t be a complete dud and can weather the storm while your other players are out on bye or injury.  Ideally, you want someone to get you double digit points, and Rodgers has done exactly that, scoring double digit points in 3 of the last 4 weeks.  With Jordy Nelson out for the year, Rodgers has become the second option behind Randall Cobb.  Green Bay also has a great matchup at home against San Diego.  If you’re a Jason Witten owner and looking for a bye week replacement, Rodgers makes a ton of sense.  We like him as a Top 12 TE this week.

Colin Kaepernick, QB San Francisco (51%)

Don't worry brah, you still got that one time you beat out Alex Smith.

Don’t worry brah, you still got that one time you beat out Alex Smith.

It wasn’t that long ago that Roid Rage and I were debating the Kaepernick v Alex Smith duel.  Kaep won that battle, but he lost the war because he’s still on the Niners, which has turned into a complete shit show.  But Kaep offers some value this week for those in pinch for a quarterback.  Colin had a bounce back week last week against the Giants, going 262/2/0.  He also ran for 23 yards.  We like his chances again this week against Baltimore.  The Ravens are turning mediocre qbs into heroes.  Christ, Josh McCown threw for 457 yards and two touchdowns against them last week.  We think that streak continues.  I’m not going to go on a limb and say he’ll run for a touchdown…but he will.

Duke Johnson, Jr., RB Cleveland (51%)

PPR stud.

PPR stud.

Duke is quietly making some noise as Cleveland, as he’s worked his way up to the first team.  If you’re in a PPR league (let’s be honest, all the cool kids are) he makes a great play this week.  He’s averaged 7 catches over the past three weeks. Look for that to continue against the Broncos this week.