Mock Draft 1.0 (Ginger King)

Alright friends. It’s finally time. The adults are ready to sit at the Draft table. If you recall, our number one pet peeve (besides people clapping when the plane lands – FFS just stop – were you expecting the plane to crash??) is pre-free agency mock drafts. We’ve been saying it for YEARS.

Plain and simple: free agency shapes the draft. You think the Raiders are looking for a qb now that they got Jimmy Dreamboat? (sidenote: we’re still waiting for our free sex for life offer). Teams will first plug holes with existing talent, and then turn to the draft. Anyway, we’ll step off our soapbox and get right to the good stuff.

Four, yes four, qbs will go in the Top 10. Seattle could be in the market for a qb, but adding Christian Gonzalez to that secondary will go a long way to re-establishing the legion of boom. Chicago really lucks out…trading down 8 spots and still getting the guy the would’ve taken #1 overall. Ryan Poles and co. are looking smart. They got an assist from poor driving skills, but they are approaching this draft the right way.

If Paris Johnson falls out of the Top 11, he should not last past the Titans, who need to rebuild that line. Speaking of rebuilding the line, the Jets will take their turn (again) at another first round lineman. After trading away T.J. Hockenson last year, the Lions reload with Michael Mayer, the Draft’s best tight end (and Gronk clone).

The bottom third of the first round is where we’re going to see a run on receivers. There is no clear cut #1 in this year’s draft. That, and the qb run, will push the receivers down some. The Giants would do cartwheels if (and it’s a big if) Quentin Johnston is there at 25. What the Giants need is big-bodied receiver, especially after Kenny Golladay decided he didn’t like to catch anymore. But wait, didn’t the Giants sign a bunch of free agent receivers? Yes, but don’t be fooled…the Giants only have 2 receivers (Wan-Dale Robinson and Darius Slayton) that are signed for more than 2 years. Everyone else is a one year rental.

O’Cyrus Torrence may be our favorite player in the Draft. Seriously, go watch some game tape. He’s an absolute mauler. Loves to initiate contact. Physical and nasty…just like Bills Mafia. He’ll fit right in.

Bijan Robinson may be the toughest one to predict. He could go as high as 8. I don’t think Philly would pass at him at 30, especially after losing Miles Sanders.

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