The 2014 ‘What if’ Mock Draft…

Can you feel the excitement?!  We are a mere two days away from the NFL Draft.  Draft parties are finalized, Big-Boards are coming together, smoke screens are thicker than Andy Reid’s mid-section, and Mock Drafts are all looking….the same, 1) Jadeveon Clowney 2) Greg Robinson……blah, blah, blah.  But the reason we are all tuning in Thursday (thru Saturday) is because the draft never falls the way any of us expect (NFL GM’s included).  You never know where drama will unfold, but it does every year.  Be it Aaron Rodgers free fall in 2005, Mario Williams going over Reggie Bush (and Vince Young) in 2006, or the Patriots trading up to make Jerod Mayo a Top 10 pick in 2008.  It’s reality television that pits your teams front office against the rest of the league.  I’ll have plenty of time to unvail my “real” mock draft, but for now I’m going the contrarian approach and asking some hypothetical questions along the way.  (Big shout out to KFFL for their Mock Draft Machine).


What if the Texans aren’t sold on Clowney and view Mack as every bit the athlete and prospect.  If so, and if he is a better scheme fit than why not make it back-to-back #1 overall picks for the MAC?!  Move over SEC, there is a new powerhouse in NCAA Football.


What if the Jaguars are sick of “playing it safe”?  What if this year they play to win…now!  Johnny Football gives this team instant star power in a way few prospects can.  How many seats does Wembley Stadium hold?WHATIF003

What if Mike Evans is the first WR off the board?  It might send #TwitterMock into a tizzy, but it wouldn’t shock The Machine.  People only want to focus on Evans height and wing span, which are spectacularly awesome, but fail to mention how great of an athlete this kid is.  Go look at his Combine numbers, they are off the chart.  He is a height/weight/speed freak built to play receiver in todays NFL.

What if the Falcons don’t do any wheeling-and-dealing and land the top OT?


What if Tampa Bay doesn’t believe in the Myth of the First Round Quarterback and feel like this is their only chance at landing a Franchise QB prospect?

What if the Vikings and Bills aren’t bullshitting about their affinity for Donald and Ebron, respectively?  Will they put their money where their mouth is and bypass an elite OT prospect in Mathews to get “their guy”?


What if the G-men are content with their offseason offensive line make-over and instead give Eli another weapon?  There hasn’t been a shortage of people willing to throw Rueben Randle under the bus this offseason.


What if the Bears and Steelers swap notes on defensive backs this year because both teams are in desperate need of secondary help?


What if WR’s::2014 1st Round as OT’s::2013 1st Round?

What if Miami does something crazy like actually get value with a draft pick?


What if Teddy Bridgewater is as good as we all thought he was 6 months ago?  This would allow the Chiefs to let Alex Smith walk after this year.  If the Packers can draft Aaron Rodgers with Brett Favre on the roster than this pick not might not be as far-fetched as you might think.


What if Easley, Roby and Matthews turn out to be the best DL, CB, and WR of this draft class?  The rich get richer.

And finally, what if Kate Upton does show up the The Official Big Red Sports Machine 2014 Draft Party?


I get all my Draft info from The Big Red Sports Machine.

I get all my Draft info from The Big Red Sports Machine.

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