Week 16 – Sleepers

It’s Championship Week (for most self-respecting fantasy leagues)! Fortunately, even the best teams in the NFL have something to play for this week, the same can’t be said for next week (see: Atlanta Falcons), so you should be getting max effort (hopefully).

I know this repeatative, but we can’t stress it enough: Don’t get too cute! Roll with the squad that got you this far.  Dez Bryant last week is a perfect example of this.  There were questions surrounding his bum finger, even reports of the Cowboys shutting him down for the season.  But when word came down that he was suiting up last week that was your sign to plug him in.  He has been an absolute beast the second half of the season and didn’t disappoint last week with a nice 4/59/1 line.  The point is, we’d rather roll with Dez and his big game potential than a shaky option like M. Floyd (2/39 last week fyi).

But if you’re in a jam, have no fear, The Machine is here!  Now pay attention, last week we pimped D. Pitta to the tune of 7/125/2! This week we like…..

1. Washington Def (17%Y!) – They easily have Top 10 potential playing a Philadelphia team that can’t run, can’t pass and more importantly have thrown in the towel.  Washington’s secondary is abysmal, but it won’t matter.  We like their chances to score a TD in this one.

2. Sam Bradford, QB STL (26%Y!) – He is certainly a hard guy to trust.  The Machine wonders if the Rams regret not drafting RG3…..because they should!  But given the match-up, Bradford could deliver a respectable stat line for you this week.  If you’re in a jam, roll with the former No. 1 overall pick (over the likes of Cutler, Flacco, Rivers, etc.)

3. Brandon Gibson, WR STL (18%Y!) – Well, somebody has to catch all those Sam Bradford catches, right?!  Sure, it makes us a little queasy recommending to Rams this week, but he’s developed nice chemistry with Bradford the last couple of weeks (12/176/2) and TB is a mess right now.  5/75 with a score perhaps isn’t out of the question.

4. Ronnie Brown, RB SD (9%Y!) – All apologies if you have to start Ronnie freaking Brown this week!  But with Ryan Matthews out you could do worse.  A little more appealing in a PPR format……don’t expect more than 50 total yards, and 3-4 catches. 

Others who could come through: Mike Tolbert, RB (7%Y!), Ben Watson, TE (4%Y!), Mike Goodson (4%Y!), Rod Streater (4%Y!).

Just Win, Baby!

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