WEEK 8: Insanely Deep-Sleepers

Need a last minute Jordy Nelson replacement? Has Aaron Hernandez’s Maddenesque fear of flying left you without a TE option? Here are 4 players you can pull of the fantasy scrap heap (all less than 25% owned in Yahoo! leagues) that could provide some relief:

1. Brandon Stokley, WR (Den, 23%Y) – Stokley’s earned himself a lifetime pass to the Manning Family’s Thanksgiving dinner with his sure hands, toughness and ability to always run the right route, even when Sir Peyton changes the play 8 times before snapping the ball.  Stokley is buried on this depth chart, behind talent wideouts Decker and Thomas.  So he certainly isn’t going to give you big catch or yardage totals, but he seems to be a Manning favorite in the redzone as evident by his 3 TD’s on only 19 catches.  The matchup certainly is right, all the bounties in the world couldn’t help this Saints defense.h

2. Brandon Weeden, QB (Cle, 21%Y) – Between San Diego’s stout run defense and T-Richs sore ribs, this could be a game that Weeden is forced to air it out to keep pace with Phil Rivers and Co.  I fully except the fumbles and INTs, but if all goes right I’ll take the 300+ yards and a score or two.

3. Brandon Myers, TE (Oak, 20%Y) – He led the team in targets last week and finished with a PPR-respectable line of 7/44.  Nothing about this divisional matchup is scary.  He could certainly give you 10 points in a PPR.  Hey, you could do worse.

4. Leonard Hankerson, WR (Wash, 9%Y) – Leo Hank is the Redskins starting ‘X’ receiver mostly be default thanks to Pierre Garcons maddening foot ailments.  Interestingly enough, the X-WR is the first read in the new hybrid spread option offense the Shannahans are running with RGIII these days.  While there really isn’t anything exciting about Hanks game, he pulled in 6/70 last week.  The Pittsburgh secondary has had there issue this year.  I’m liking Hanks chances of cracking 100 yards today (Sandy notwithstanding!)

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