Super Bowl XLIX – Why the Seahawks Will Win

Bang it here to read Ginger King’s rant on why the Patriots will win lose the Super Bowl.  Cliff notes version: basically, GK talks about how awesome Brady and Gronk are, but then it quickly unravels into a NY Giants propaganda piece; you can’t spell Elite without Eli blah blah blah…

So sure, I got “stuck” with Katy Perry and the Seahawks.  GK is not only disappointed that the G-Men are watching from home, but also that his boy Bruno bonerjam Mars declined an encore halftime performance.  There is always next year buddy (spoken like a true Bills fan)!

Let’s get the ol’ clichés out of the way shall we?  This time of the year you always hear “defense wins championships” and “you have to be able to run the ball and stop the run”.  If that lazy analysis is all it takes then, BAM! Exhibit A:

1st is pretty good, right?!

1st is pretty good, right?!

I know what you’re thinking, Seattle shouldn’t even be here; this would be Rodgers v. Brady if Green Bay didn’t give away the NFC Championship game.  But I’m not buying that weak ass explanation of how we got here.  Green Bay didn’t give that game away as much as the Seahawks took it from them.  Russell Wilson, who was playing pitch and catch with the Packer secondary all day long, made plays he when he had too.  It also doesn’t hurt that Marshawn Lynch went all BeastMode in the 4th quarter either.  Speaking of Marshawn…

He enjoys long walks on the beach, Skittles, and making full grown men cry.

He enjoys long walks on the beach, Skittles, and making full grown men cry.

Marshawn Lynch is the football equivalent of Dennis Rodman (except Lynch actually scores).  Each takes on the persona of an over-the-top, in-your-face, stick-it-to-the-man badass (a shtick both use for their own capital gains… hey kids, buy your officially licensed BeastMode gear here!).  Crotch grabs notwithstanding, it’s what Lynch does on the field that matters.  Between rushing and receiving, Marshawn tallied 1700 all purpose yards during the regular season and scored more non-passing touchdowns (17) than anyone else in the league.  That is beastly production.  He has great balance and agility, which, combined with his power running style makes him nearly impossible for one guy to tackle.  New England’s defensive is stout against the run, but they will have their toughest matchup of the season come Sunday.

Seattle has an effective read-option element to their run game that keeps edge defenders honest just long enough to buy Lynch an extra split second to find daylight.  Should the defender get eager and commit too early, Russell Wilson is savvy enough to tuck it way and run with it.  Speaking of Russell…

Been there.  Done that.

Been there. Done that.

You know he isn’t going to throw four interceptions in the Super Bowl, right?  But if he does, you know he has the mental make-up to shake it off and go make a play.  A lesser quarterback would fold under similar circumstances.  I imagine that said lesser QB will be watching the big game from his couch… or maybe filming another Papa Johns commercial.

Wilson is 10-0 against other Super Bowl winning QB’s.  That’s a funny stat, because Russell doesn’t actually play against the others quarterbacks, Seattle’s nasty defense does.  Speaking of the Legion of Boom…

Will there be cameras and microphones at the Super Bowl?  Oh, than I guarantee Sherman is there.

Will there be cameras and microphones at the Super Bowl? Oh, than I guarantee Sherman is there.

Sherman.  Thomas. Chancellor.  These are household names by now.  This secondary is full of ball hawks that fly (puns intended) around all over the field.  But their front-seven, while less unheralded, is just as formidable.  I’ve heard numerous talking heads say that New England is going to establish the run with LeGarrett Blount.  I don’t see it.  First, we’re talking about LeGarrette freaking Blount.  Second, New England doesn’t exactly impose their will on the ground, evident by their 18th ranked rushing attack.  Their offensive line has gotten pushed around and has looked pedestrian at times.  While Seattle won’t have the benefit of the 12th Man (easily like the 17th or 18th best fan base in the league by-the-way…..that’s right, I said it) their front four will consistently make plays in the backfield.  Haven’t we already seen what this defense can do on the biggest stage against an immobile, future HOF QB with marginal run support?

Lucky for us, this game won’t be a blowout.  Points are going to be a premium in what will be a closely contested game.  In the end, Seattle’s defense, running attack and Russell Wilson calm-under-fire demeanor are the difference. Give me the Hawks, 23-20.



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