NFC Championship Game

NFC ChampionshipPhew!  We can all breathe a sigh of relief.  Thanks to a big dose of comeuppance, the Process Rule (Rule 8, Section 1, Article 3) keeps me from writing about the Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game.  Thank you, Process Rule.  And now, on to the show.

Green Bay at Seattle (-7)

Let's get it on!

Let’s get it on!

This is the matchup that we all wanted.  Number 1 v Number 2 for a trip to the Super Bowl.  The Packers limp in to Seattle and will try to Discount Double-Check themselves to the Super Bowl.  Meanwhile, Seattle, and their loudest fans ever (The Machine’s already debunked that nonsense) will try to make it to back-to-back Super Bowls, for the first time since the Patriots in ’04 and ’05.

Rogers v. Beastmode

Rodgers v. Beastmode

We don’t have to go back too far for some history on these teams.  They played each other this season, Week 1 in Seattle.  The Seahawks were 4.5 point favorites and went on to roll the Packers 36-16.  In that game, Aaron Rogers did not throw to Richard Sherman’s side once (a stat that ESPN has brought up much too often this week).  But the passing game takes second place to the run, which is the important stat to focus on.  In that Week 1 game, Green Bay rushed for 80 yards, 1 td.  Seattle rushed for 207 with and 2 tds.  (A healthy) Eddie Lacy rushed for 34 yards, while Beastmode tallied 110.

Listen up all you “new age” football thinkers (you know who they are…the same people who thought Johnny Football and Tavon Austin were going to revolutionize the game)… as you get deeper and deeper into the playoffs, what you need is a consistent running game.  Sure, a fast, punishing, intelligent defense helps, but the running game is the oar that steers the boat, the wings that fly the plane, the 12 pack that makes the baby…you get the point.  The running game helps you eat up the clock, wear out the defense, and keep the other team’s offense off the field.

Listen we love Aaron Rogers…healthy.  We love Eddie Lacy…healthy.  Throwing for 3 tds against the Cowboys on a gimpy calf (at home) is one thing, but can he pull it off on the road against the nastiest D in 30 years? (props to the ’85 Bears).  And can he pull it off with a banged up rushing attack?  As much as we love the story, we don’t think so.

Don't forget about me!

Don’t forget about me!

Bettors seem to think there’s a chance.  The line opened at Green Bay +8.5 and is now down to +7.  The late money is going on the Packers.  But The Machine thinks Seattle will win and cover, but barely.  Like 21-13.  Seattle has so much balance on offense, plus balance between offense and defense.  They are the most complete team in the NFL.

If Aaron and Eddie were healthy, this would be a much harder pick.  But they’re not, and we got to play the cards we’re dealt.  Green Bay’s defense is no slouch, Clay Matthews and crew fly to the ball, so they should keep Russell Wilson in check.  As long as they contain the edge, they should be able to handle the read-option.  Problem is, no one contains the edge in the NFL…they always over-pursue the runner, leaving gaping backside holes for Wilson.  Look for the Seahawks to use some trick up their sleeve…Pete Carroll isn’t going to let Belichick win the crafty coach award two weeks in a row.

And don’t forget the weather.  Rain and wind, making the running game even more important.  See, it all comes full circle.

The Machine likes the Seahawks to return to the Super Bowl.

We love our NFL fans!

We love our NFL fans!



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