Wildcard Weekend – Round 2

NFL: AFC Wild Card Playoff-Cincinnati Bengals at Houston TexansSo The Machine was 1-1 yesterday.  Not bad, but we think we can make a clean sweep of it today with our picks.  Let’s get right to it.

Cincinnati at Indianapolis (-3.5)

Bengal v ColtsThis is a no brainer.  Colts all day.  Despite the fact that The Machine wants to see a ginger quarterback win a Super Bowl (America’s not ready for it) today’s not the day.  With AJ Green not suiting up, the Bengals offense goes from good to not so good.  They will have to rely on Jeremy Hill and their running game to set up the passing game.  But Indy will be able to load the box all day.

The Colts, meanwhile, are an interesting team.  You know the philosophy that you need a balanced offensive attack, both on the ground and in the air?  Well, throw that conventional wisdom out the door.  The Colts running game is very bad…anyone that was stuck with Trent Richardson knows that.  However, their passing game more than makes up for that deficiency…anyone that had Andrew Luck knows that.  The Colts love to throw the ball, and Luck has an arsenal of potent receivers.  Andrew Luck is a freak, and is reminiscent of a young Peyton Manning.  Let’s hope that Andrew doesn’t inherit Peyton’s playoff woes.  He won’t, at least not today.

The Machine likes the Colts to roll at home.

Detroit at Dallas (-7)

Cowboys v. LionsOh man, what a way to end Wildcard Weekend.  The team with the player everyone hates against the team that everyone hates (you guess who I’m talking about).  Yes, Ndamukong Suh being back in the lineup certainly helps Detroit’s chances, and they do have a pretty potent offense.  And yes, Dallas has a very solid recent track record of choking in the playoffs, and Tony Romo making some very head scratching decisions.  And The Machine loves it when they cut to the owner’s suite to see Jerrah all pissed off, and then watch him go down to the sidelines.  Oh, it would bring us much joy if the Lions could take down the Cowboys in Jerryland…but alas, it won’t happen.

Tony will eventually prove us right, again.

Tony will eventually prove us right, again.

Dallas probably has the most balanced offense in the playoffs, with Demarco Murray leading the league in rushing and Dez Bryant leading the league in touchdown receptions.  The Lions might hang for a little while, but Dallas’ firepower will be too much.  Jerrah and the boys will make it through.  Don’t worry, Cowboy haters, there’s still plenty of time left in the playoffs for Romo to lose.

For now, The Machine likes the Cowboys to win, and cover.

How 'bout dem Cowboys!

How ’bout dem Cowboys!

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