Game 5 — It’s on!!!

The postseason’s first Game 5, Athletics v. Tigers, just got underway.  FYI, half of The Machine is a diehard Tigers fan…the other half a front-running no good Yankees fan (but damn Raul was smooth last night).

Maybe it’s because the season is dreadfully long (who watches baseball in June?) but playoff baseball has a completely different feel than regular baseball.  It’s compelling, action packed, and the games don’t seem as long.  There are 4 games on tonight and The Machine has watched all of them.  We haven’t even checked the waiver wire in fantasy football (pick up Vick Ballard, btw).

Anyway, back to the A’s and Tigers.  Justin Verlander can firmly establish himself (and save Papa Grande’s ass) as the best pitcher in baseball with a clutch performance tonight, and the Tigers are going to need it too if they have any chance of winning.  Verlander needs to go at least 7 (really 8) innings.  Actually, he needs to throw a complete game.  And Miggy needs to put on the triple crown and get the offense rolling.

You got to hand it to the A’s.  It’s hard to name more than 3 members, but these no name moneyballers know how to get it done.  Down 0-2 in the series (and also down 3-1 in the bottom of the ninth last night) they’ve clawed their way back and have a chance to stage a remarkable comeback.

However, names matter, and the Tiger’s got em’.  Verlander’s good for at least 120 pitches, and that offense is waiting to tear it open.  It will be close, but The Machine believes in Motown.

The Machine’s totally arbitrary prediction:  Tigers 4, A’s 3.

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