How I learned to stop HATING and love THE HOODIE!

If you’re a regular BRSM reader this won’t come as a shock to you, but let me just get this out of way: I love the Buffalo Bills.  As with most self-respecting Western New Yorkers, my obsession passion is borderline unhealthy.  The shout song played at my wedding…multiple times.  My sports Mt. Rushmore consists of Jim Kelly, OJ Simpson, Bruce Smith and Hunter Kelly.  I’ve got Champagne on ice for the day when the last member of the ’72 Dolphins dies.  My four German Sheppard’s are named: Flutie, Losman, Fitzpatrick, and our newest pup, Manuel! When the Bills say jump, I’ll be the one driving the school bus off the cliff.   So it should come to no surprise, that as a life-long Bills-backer I’ve been programmed to hate all things Miami Dolphins, NY Jets and New England Patriots (note: I still hate the Colts even though they were banished from the AFC East in 2001).

But I can no longer hide my man-crush for this guy:








The hoodie.  Literally every Patriots game that I’ve watched the hoodie pulls some crazy stunt.  It’s not always over-the-top, like going for it on 4th down on your own 30 yard line, or taking an intention safety.  Sometimes it’s subtle craziness.  Like Sunday, when the hoodie has LeGarrette freaking Blount returning kickoffs.  Yes, this LeGarrette Blount:

Oregone Boise St Blount Football

Why?  Why not.  Just for shits and giggles here is how Blount stacked up Sunday against the other AFC East kick returners:

AFC East Player Weight Height Pos 40 time   KRs Yards Avg.
Buffalo TJ Graham 6’0″ 180 lbs. WR 4.34 s   1 19 19
Miami M. Thigpen 5’9″ 195 lbs. RB 4.45 s   3 7 2.3
NY J. Kerley 5’9″ 188 lbs. WR 4.56 s   1 9 9
NE L. Blount 6’0″ 247 lbs. RB 4.74 s   2 35 17.5
*One of these is not like the rest*

That’s just Bill being Bill.  Always the contrarian.  It’s these deviations from the norm that make watching the Patriots enjoyable and how I stopped hating and learned to love the hoodie!

Can’t wait to see what he has in store for Rex and the Jets tonight!

The Patriot Way!

The Patriot Way!

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