Tuesday Teabag, January 14, 2014 – Home Field Advantage

Sure, no one shuts you up when they’re all your friends…

Wow, what a weekend of games.  Beastmode and the Seahawks backed up their #1 seed, Peyton proves he’s still the best player in the game, C Kap and the Niners relish the role of evil villain (and look damn impressive doing so), and the Patriots unleash six rushing tds in a beat down of Indy.

[Selfless self-promotion alert]  If you’ve been keeping score (and hopefully betting) with The Machine’s expert picks, you’ll see that this Ginger and Roid Rage nailed it last week, each going a perfect 3-0-1.  Obviously, Vegas Vinny finished last. 

Anyway, this sets up one hell of a Championship weekend.  Niners at Seattle:  the biggest rivalry in the NFL today, and New England at Denver:  Brady v. Manning.  Need we say more?  These games are going to be epic, and we can’t imagine how great it would be to experience them live…and that’s where the teabag comes in.

Immediately after the Niners/Seahawks game was set, the Seahawks announced that they would only be selling tickets to people that live in geographically friendly areas, which, as you can guess, does not include California.  Similarly, the Broncos front office is restricting sales as well. 

Think about that for a second…and then let the rage take over.  Are you kidding me?  This is a classless move by both teams.  It forces Niners and Patriots fans to buy tickets on the secondary market at ridiculously marked up prices.  It’s stupid and low brow, qualities The Machine normally appreciates, but not in this instance.

And where’s the outrage from my Commerce Clause fans? 

It’s especially douchey for Seattle, who boasts the 12th Man…the loudest stadium in the NFL, where fans cause earthquakes.  If you truly have the best home field advantage, why do you have to pull this gimmick? 

Glad they kept the 12th Man an organic, fan-created idea, and didn’t go all corporate.

Sorry, but you’re the #1 seed in the NFC.  You don’t need to pull some second-rate promotional bullshit that’s befitting a Triple-A baseball team.  It’s almost as bad as Zubaz and a Monkey Night.  Same goes for you, Denver.  You have Peyton Manning and government grade weed.  You don’t need this. 

Zubaz and Monkey

This is actually genius.

Need more proof this is crazy?  Niners Coach Jim Harbaugh respects it.  Um, last we checked, Jim Harbaugh is a raving lunatic…and if he endorses it, you know it’s crazy. 

 Jim Harbaugh 2

The Machine hopes this doesn’t become a trend, but it’s a copycat league, so the chances that this is the only time it happens is remote.  If this does become the new wildcat, we hope RGI and the league will step in and prohibit this.  Nothing says fan friendly like some good old geographic discrimination. 

This just reeks of desperation and insecurity, which is strange coming from the NFL’s two best teams.  You guys are the #1 seeds.  You don’t need any more affirmation. 

What little respect we did have for the 12th Man [cue east coast bias] has now completely vanished.  It just means they’ll be more Seahawks fans there to watch them lose. 

Enjoy your teabag.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Teabag, January 14, 2014 – Home Field Advantage

  1. BOOM! I did like this Teabag!

    I think it’s complete nonsense that the Seadogs would restrict ticket sales. Like it’s mattered the last two years. They haven’t tried this during the regular season and still broke records for noise in the stadium…. Let’s touch on that, though. Being a NIners fan, I hate all things Seahag. Now that we know they designed the stadium with parabolic roofs that purposefully reflect sound back on the playing field, where does the league step in? Is that not a designed unfair advantage? They’ve proven it is, losing only one home game in two years during the regular season. Can they win when the opposing offense can actually call a play? Can your Defense not stand on it’s own merits? Why not just play really loud music over the PA system while the opposing offense is on the field in every other stadium? Why not video tape of the opposing defensive coaches signals and match them up with coverages?!? Oh wait…. Can’t do that anymore right, Belichick?

    Anyway….. The Seachickens are gonna need some help…. Let’s hope that the 12th man breaks a sound record again. Let’s hope the refs call a tight game so the Seahack’s D-bags can’t get away with raping our WR’s. To me, it will be that much sweeter when we pound them in their own house and roll on to the Super Bowl!!

    Don’t believe the conspiracy….? Read on: https://www.businessinsider.com/seattle-seahawks-stadium-loud-2014-1

  2. A little Kaepernicking should quiet that crowd up. I just don’t get it. You’re the #1 seed, technically the best team in the conference, at home, why do you need to stack the deck more? Just roll up your sleeves and play the game. To me, it comes through more than just a dick move against the opposing team, and it shows some real insecurity.

    And thanks for the article on the noise. I knew there had to be a reason for it. When you think loud and rowdy fans, Seattle doesn’t come to mind, even disregarding my east coast bias. Makes sense that some acoustical engineering nerd was behind it…

  3. Yeah, no problem. They had to do something to help them win….. Certainly wasn’t helping having a top ten pick in the draft every year!

    The whole “Beats by Dre” thing killed me, too. They took offense to the fact that the fans in that commercial were “wearing their colors” and were “super obnoxious”. None of them are ever like that I bet….. LOL Then the ENTIRE city decides they’re going to boycott Beats. HAHA! Morons….. I bet Dre cares.

    What do you think about the whole Kaepernick as the bad guy against Carolina? They made a huge deal about him doing Cam’s “Superman” after scoring that touchdown….. But, how soon we forget. No one and I mean NO ONE . . .. even those dolts over at the NFL Network remembered week 10 when Panthers FS Mike Mitchell sacked Kaep on a safety blitz and then “kaepernicked” just 5 yards from him!


    Now ask yourself….. “Why would he disrespect Cam like that?!” How ’bout you STFU?!

  4. Here’s my take: You don’t want Kap doing the Superman? Ok, how about you stop him? Or better yet, how about you don’t make a theatrical production every time you get a first down? Did you notice every time Newton got a first down, he did that stupid point and flip? Over a first down? Big f’ing deal…save it for when you do something good, like win a playoff game.

    Seriously, I think the obnoxious first down celebrations probably pissed off the Niners, and more power to Kap to give it back. And also for the reason you mentioned.

    And the Beats commercial is awesome! Get over yourself Seahawks fans. You’re either (a) the loudest and rowdiest fans in the NFL, or (b) quiet, mild-mannered people from the northwest with an acoustically modified stadium to make people think you’re (a).

    The answer is clearly (b). They want people to think they’re so loud and crazy…yet they get offended when that’s exactly how they’re characterized? A bit hypocritical I’d say.

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